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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes, certainly."
2.  "I wrote my articles and thought little more of the matter until,some time later, I backed a bill for a friend and had a writ servedupon me for L25. I was at my wit's end where to get the money, but asudden idea came to me. I begged a fortnight's grace from thecreditor, asked for a holiday from my employers, and spent the time inbegging in the City under my disguise. In ten days I had the money andhad paid the debt.
3.  Our visitor sprang from his chair. "What!" he cried, "you know myname?"
4.  "No, no, my dear fellow, there is no cause for alarm. It is not uponthis occasion the instrument of evil, but it will rather prove to bethe key which will unlock our mystery. On this syringe I base all myhopes. I have just returned from a small scouting expedition, andeverything is favourable. Eat a good breakfast, Watson, for Ipropose to get upon Dr. Armstrong's trail to-day, and once on it Iwill not stop for rest or food until I run him to his burrow.""In that case," said I, "we had best carry our breakfast with us,for he is making an early start. His carriage is at the door.""Never mind. Let him go. He will be clever if he can drive where Icannot follow him. When you have finished, come downstairs with me,and I will introduce you to a detective who is a very eminentspecialist in the work that lies before us."
5.  "No, sir, I do not desire any particulars. My son here"-indicating a powerful young man, with a heavy, sullen face, in thecorner of the sitting-room- "is of one mind with me that Mr.McPherson's attentions to Maud were insulting. Yes, sir, the word'marriage' was never mentioned, and yet there were letters andmeetings, and a great deal more of which neither of us couldapprove. She has no mother, and we are her only guardians. We aredetermined-"
6.  "Mr. Holmes always knows whatever there is to know."


1.  "'You are looking for a situation, miss?' he asked.
2.  "I explained that I was and that I was a friend of Godfrey's."'What a pity that he should be away on his travels, for he wouldhave so liked to see me,' I continued.
3.  "We must be circumspect for we are dealing with a very cunningman. We can do nothing until seven o'clock. At that hour we shall bewith you, and it will not be long before we solve the mystery."We were as good as our word, for it was just seven when we reachedthe Copper Beeches, having put up our trap at a waysidepublic-house. The group of trees, with their dark leaves shininglike burnished metal in the light of the setting sun, weresufficient to mark the house even had Miss Hunter not been standingsmiling on the door-step.
4.  "A confidential servant?"
5.  My outer door was flung open, there were blundering footsteps in thepassage, and Ian Murdoch staggered into the room, pallid, dishevelled,his clothes in wild disorder, clawing with his bony hands at thefurniture to hold himself great. "Brandy! Brandy!" he gasped, and fellgroaning upon the sofa.
6.  "Where are they now?"


1.  "Yes, sir."
2.  Sherlock Holmes picked them up one by one and laid them along theedge of the table. Then he reseated himself in his chair and lookedthem over with a gleam of satisfaction in his eyes.
3.  "Was the blood-stain above or below?"
4.  I nodded, and stood by the door. My first feeling of fear had passedaway, and I thrilled now with a keener zest than I had ever enjoyedwhen we were the defenders of the law instead of its defiers. The highobject of our mission, the consciousness that it was unselfish andchivalrous, the villainous character of our opponent, all added to thesporting interest of the adventure. Far from feeling guilty, Irejoiced and exulted in our dangers. With a glow of admiration Iwatched Holmes unrolling his case of instruments and choosing his toolwith the calm, scientific accuracy of a surgeon who performs adelicate operation. I knew that the opening of safes was aparticular hobby with him, and I understood the joy which it gavehim to be confronted with this green and gold monster, the dragonwhich held in its maw the reputations of many fair ladies. Turningup the cuffs of his dress-coat- he had placed his overcoat on a chair-Holmes laid out two drills, a jemmy, and several skeleton keys. Istood at the centre door with my eyes glancing at each of theothers, ready for any emergency, though, indeed, my plans weresomewhat vague as to what I should do if we were interrupted. For halfan hour, Holmes worked with concentrated energy, laying down one tool,picking up another, handling each with the strength and delicacy ofthe trained mechanic. Finally I heard a click, the broad green doorswung open, and inside I had a glimpse of a number of paper packets,each tied, sealed, and inscribed. Holmes picked one out, but it was ashard to read by the flickering fire, and he drew out his little darklantern, for it was too dangerous, with Milverton in the next room, toswitch on the electric light. Suddenly I saw him halt, listenintently, and then in an instant he had swung the door of the safe to,picked up his coat, stuffed his tools into the pockets, and dartedbehind the window curtain, motioning me to do the same.It was only when I had joined him there that I heard what hadalarmed his quicker senses. There was a noise somewhere within thehouse. A door slammed in the distance. Then a confused, dull murmurbroke itself into the measured thud of heavy footsteps rapidlyapproaching. They were in the passage outside the room. They paused atthe door. The door opened. There was a sharp snick as the electriclight was turned on. The door closed once more, and the pungent reekof a strong cigar was home to our nostrils. Then the footstepscontinued backward and forward, backward and forward, within a fewyards of us. Finally there was a creak from a chair, and the footstepsceased. Then a key clicked in a lock, and I heard the rustle ofpapers.
6.  "I think not. How about the license?"


1.  "To-day?"
2.  "Yes, it would have been of no use to anyone had we not doneso. But I presume that this other goose upon the sideboard, whichis about the same weight and perfectly fresh, will answer yourpurpose equally well?"
3.  "Did you lose your boat through it?"
4、  "It may be so," answered Holmes, shrugging his shoulders. "I canonly say for certain that Mr. Joseph Harrison is a gentleman towhose mercy I should be extremely unwilling to trust."
5、  "Well, at least I knew that if Brunton could do it, I could also.Besides, there was no real difficulty. I went with Musgrave to hisstudy and whittled myself this peg, to which I tied this long stringwith a knot at each yard. Then I took two lengths of a fishing-rod,which came to just six feet, and I went back with my client to wherethe elm had been. The sun was just grazing the top of the oak. Ifastened the rod on end, marked out the direction of the shadow, andmeasured it. It was nine feet in length.




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      "The strongest of all holds where a woman is concerned- the holdof love. The fellow is, as you may have heard, extraordinarilyhandsome, with a most fascinating manner, a gentle voice, and that airof romance and mystery which means so much to a woman. He is said tohave the whole sex at his mercy and to have made ample use of thefact."

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      Sherlock Holmes smiled demurely.

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       "Well, take my advice. Examine him carefully. Don't do it before us.Well wait here. You take him into the back room. You'll be more likelyto get a confession out of him alone. Ask him how he dared to admitpeople and leave them alone in this room. Don't ask him if he has doneit. Take it for granted. Tell him you know someone has been here.Press him. Tell him that a full confession is his only chance offorgiveness. Do exactly what I tell you!"

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      "But I can. I could swear to it. However, we will go back at ourleisure and verify it. What a blind beetle I have been, not to draw myconclusion."

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    {  "You don't keep a dog?"

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      "Get it printed as soon as possible," he said; "I think your idea isan excellent one."}

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      "After all, Watson," said Holmes, reaching up his hand for hisclay pipe, "I am not retained by the police to supply theirdeficiencies. If Horner were in danger it would be another thing;but this fellow will not appear against him, and the case mustcollapse. I suppose that I am commuting a felony, but it is justpossible that I am saving a soul. This fellow will not go wrongagain; he is too terribly frightened. Send him to jail now, andyou make him a jail-bird for life. Besides, it is the season offorgiveness. Chance has put in our way a most singular andwhimsical problem, and its solution is its own reward. If youwill have the goodness to touch the bell, Doctor, we will beginanother investigation, in which, also a bird will be the chieffeature."

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      "More than that. It is probable. And now you see the deadlyurgency of this new case, and why I urged young Openshaw tocaution. The blow has always fallen at the end of the time whichit would take the senders to travel the distance. But this onecomes from London, and therefore we cannot count upon delay.""Good God!" I cried. "What can it mean, this relentlesspersecution?"

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       "Yes, sir, he wrote an answer."

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    {  "Who keeps Lady Beatrice Falder company?" he asked at last."There is her maid, Carrie Evans. She has been with her this fiveyears."

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      "There are many problems of disease, many strange pathologicalpossibilities, in the East, Watson." He paused after each sentenceto collect his failing strength. "I have learned so much during somerecent researches which have a medico-criminal aspect. It was in thecourse of them that I contracted this complaint. You can do nothing.""Possibly not. But I happen to know that Dr. Ainstree, thegreatest living authority upon tropical disease, is now in London. Allremonstrance is useless, Holmes, I am going this instant to fetchhim." I turned resolutely to the door.