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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "No."
2.  "Certainly," said Morcerf; "I recollect him perfectly. Buthow could you charge a Nubian to purchase a house, and amute to furnish it? -- he will do everything wrong."
3.  "You'll honor and believe him -- that's right. What is hisname?"
4.  "I resolved to set out, and did set out at that veryinstant, carrying with me the beginning of my great work,the unity of the Italian kingdom; but for some time theimperial police (who at this period, quite contrary to whatNapoleon desired so soon as he had a son born to him, wishedfor a partition of provinces) had their eyes on me; and myhasty departure, the cause of which they were unable toguess, having aroused their suspicions, I was arrested atthe very moment I was leaving Piombino.
5.  "By circumstances?"
6.  "Better still, since it will afford me the pleasure ofseeing you." They shook hands. "By the way," said M. deBoville, "are you not going to the funeral of poorMademoiselle de Villefort, which I met on my road here?"


1.  "I have told you, my dear count, that I would not for onemoment admit of such a proposition."
2.  "What sort of a man is he?"
3.  "Yes; the best you could have at the present time, believeme."
4.  "`"General," said the chief of the assembly, "one man mayinsult fifty -- it is the privilege of weakness. But he doeswrong to use his privilege. Follow my advice, swear, and donot insult." The general, again daunted by the superiorityof the chief, hesitated a moment; then advancing to thepresident's desk, -- "What is the form, said he.
5.  "You are right," said the countess, "and my fears areweakness, especially when directed against a man who hassaved your life. How did your father receive him, Albert? Itis necessary that we should be more than complaisant to thecount. M. de Morcerf is sometimes occupied, his businessmakes him reflective, and he might, without intending it" --
6.  "No; the fact is, I have found my father."


1.  "Did your father speak of it?" inquired Mercedes eagerly.
2.  "Just as they were sitting down to table, M. de Monte Cristoarrived. He took his seat amongst them; they played, and Iwon. I am almost ashamed to say that my gains amounted to5,000 francs. We separated at midnight. I could not defer mypleasure, so I took a cabriolet and drove to the horsedealer's. Feverish and excited, I rang at the door. Theperson who opened it must have taken me for a madman, for Irushed at once to the stable. Medeah was standing at therack, eating his hay. I immediately put on the saddle andbridle, to which operation he lent himself with the bestgrace possible; then, putting the 4,500 francs into thehands of the astonished dealer, I proceeded to fulfil myintention of passing the night in riding in the ChampsElysees. As I rode by the count's house I perceived a lightin one of the windows, and fancied I saw the shadow of hisfigure moving behind the curtain. Now, Valentine, I firmlybelieve that he knew of my wish to possess this horse, andthat he lost expressly to give me the means of procuringhim."
3.  "How do you know?" Debray shrugged his shoulders. "The ideaof asking how I hear the news," he said. The baroness didnot wait for a repetition; she ran to her husband, whoimmediately hastened to his agent, and ordered him to sellat any price. When it was seen that Danglars sold, theSpanish funds fell directly. Danglars lost five hundredthousand francs; but he rid himself of all his Spanishshares. The same evening the following was read in LeMessager:
4.  "And does he ever expect to be happy?"
5.   "Indeed I am," replied the young magistrate with a smile;"and in the interesting trial that young lady is anxious towitness, the case would only be still more aggravated.Suppose, for instance, the prisoner, as is more thanprobable, to have served under Napoleon -- well, can youexpect for an instant, that one accustomed, at the word ofhis commander, to rush fearlessly on the very bayonets ofhis foe, will scruple more to drive a stiletto into theheart of one he knows to be his personal enemy, than toslaughter his fellow-creatures, merely because bidden to doso by one he is bound to obey? Besides, one requires theexcitement of being hateful in the eyes of the accused, inorder to lash one's self into a state of sufficientvehemence and power. I would not choose to see the managainst whom I pleaded smile, as though in mockery of mywords. No; my pride is to see the accused pale, agitated,and as though beaten out of all composure by the fire of myeloquence." Renee uttered a smothered exclamation.
6.  "But you are not always travelling."


1.  "Exactly; and he who changes them will follow friendCaderousse, lay hands on him, and demand what farmers payhim their rent in gold. No nonsense, my good fellow; silversimply, round coins with the head of some monarch or otheron them. Anybody may possess a five-franc piece."
2.  "Yes, and for a most curious one."
3.  "About that."
4、  "And who completed it as it now is?"
5、  "Yes, doctor."




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      "No, no, I wish to do away with that mysterious reputationthat you have given me, my dear viscount; it is tiresome tobe always acting Manfred. I wish my life to be free andopen. Go on, Baptistin."

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      "Why, in truth, sir," was Monte Cristo's reply, "man is butan ugly caterpillar for him who studies him through a solarmicroscope; but you said, I think, that I had nothing elseto do. Now, really, let me ask, sir, have you? -- do youbelieve you have anything to do? or to speak in plain terms,do you really think that what you do deserves being calledanything?"

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       "Of course -- of course," said the prisoners; -- "any onecan see he's a gentleman!"

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      "No," said Noirtier.

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    {  "By the excellent Abbe Busoni?"

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      "I have."}

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      "I have no money to pay my bill, but I am not a dishonestman; I leave behind me as a pledge this pin, worth ten timesthe amount. I shall be excused for leaving at daybreak, forI was ashamed."

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       An indescribable ray of joy illumined that wretchedcountenance like the last ray of the sun before itdisappears behind the clouds which bear the aspect, not of adowny couch, but of a tomb. But as we have said, he waitedin vain for his son to come to his apartment with theaccount of his triumph. He easily understood why his son didnot come to see him before he went to avenge his father'shonor; but when that was done, why did not his son come andthrow himself into his arms?

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    {  "I stumbled over some object; I stooped to examine -- it wasthe second pistol, which had not gone off, probably from thepowder being wet. I approached the jeweller, who was notquite dead, and at the sound of my footsteps and thecreaking of the floor, he opened his eyes, fixed them on mewith an anxious and inquiring gaze, moved his lips as thoughtrying to speak, then, overcome by the effort, fell back andexpired. This appalling sight almost bereft me of my senses,and finding that I could no longer be of service to any onein the house, my only desire was to fly. I rushed towardsthe staircase, clutching my hair, and uttering a groan ofhorror. Upon reaching the room below, I found five or sixcustom-house officers, and two or three gendarmes -- allheavily armed. They threw themselves upon me. I made noresistance; I was no longer master of my senses. When Istrove to speak, a few inarticulate sounds alone escaped mylips.

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      "Did he send you?"