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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Oh, you can give me this without compromising yourself."
2.  "Oh, you may make sure of him; his charities alone amount to20,000 francs a month."
3.  "And how does he behave towards travellers?"
4.  "Oh, well, we shall find some way out of it," responded M.de Salvieux. "There wasn't any trouble over treaties when itwas a question of shooting the poor Duc d'Enghien."
5.  "Your intended son-in-law is named M. Franz d'Epinay?"
6.  "I knew there were smugglers, but I thought that since thecapture of Algiers, and the destruction of the regency,pirates existed only in the romances of Cooper and CaptainMarryat."


1.  "I feel the same as regards yourself." said Valentine; "andI own that, if you have no stronger proof to give me" --
2.  "Bring me a million such as that," said Danglars, "I shallbe well pleased," putting the draft in his pocket. "Fix yourown hour for to-morrow, and my cashier shall call on youwith a check for eighty thousand francs."
3.  "True, Dantes, I forgot that there was at the Catalans someone who expects you no less impatiently than your father --the lovely Mercedes."
4.  "Madame, where do you keep the poison you generally use?"said the magistrate, without any introduction, placinghimself between his wife and the door.
5.  "I promise." It was Villefort who seemed to entreat, and theprisoner who reassured him.
6.  In the centre of the cell, in a circle traced with afragment of plaster detached from the wall, sat a man whosetattered garments scarcely covered him. He was drawing inthis circle geometrical lines, and seemed as much absorbedin his problem as Archimedes was when the soldier ofMarcellus slew him.


1.  "This dangerous man's name was" --
2.  "Oh, it is impossible to doubt it," cried he, suddenly.
3.  "Ah, yes -- true, mademoiselle," exclaimed Monte Cristo asif this simple explanation was sufficient to revive therecollection he sought. "It was at Perugia on Corpus ChristiDay, in the garden of the Hotel des Postes, when chancebrought us together; you, Madame de Villefort, and her son;I now remember having had the honor of meeting you."
4.  "My boy," said Caderousse sententiously, "one can talk whileeating. And then, you ungrateful being, you are not pleasedto see an old friend? I am weeping with joy." He was trulycrying, but it would have been difficult to say whether joyor the onions produced the greatest effect on the lachrymalglands of the old inn-keeper of the Pont-du-Gard. "Hold yourtongue, hypocrite," said Andrea; "you love me!"
5.   "All day?"
6.  "M. d'Avrigny," cried Villefort, "I cannot tell you all Ifeel at this moment, -- terror, grief, madness."


1.  "Edward? Poor child! Are all these crimes committed on hisaccount?"
2.  "Who is he?"
3.  Danglars retreated a step or two. "I wished to inquire whyyou stopped at the Island of Elba?"
4、  "I waited for him until this hour," replied Franz.
5、  "On what subject shall I converse with her?" said Albert, ina low tone to Monte Cristo.




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      "And it is thus heaven recompenses virtue, sir," addedCaderousse. "You see, I, who never did a bad action but thatI have told you of -- am in destitution, with my poor wifedying of fever before my very eyes, and I unable to doanything in the world for her; I shall die of hunger, as oldDantes did, while Fernand and Danglars are rolling inwealth."

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      "But M. d'Epinay, unlike you, bears his misfortunepatiently."

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       "In conjunction with the affairs of Ali Pasha?"

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      "Or, as you are a Corsican, that you had been unable toresist the desire of making a `stiff,' as you call it."

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    {  "Explain yourself."

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      "But all this may come later, when we shall be better knownto each other. For the present, I will confine myself (ifperfectly agreeable to you) to introducing you to theBaroness Danglars -- excuse my impatience, my dear count,but a client like you is almost like a member of thefamily." Monte Cristo bowed, in sign that he accepted theproffered honor; Danglars rang and was answered by a servantin a showy livery. "Is the baroness at home?" inquiredDanglars.}

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      "Happy?" asked the count again.

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      "Oh, a mere nothing," said Monte Cristo. "The balance wouldcome to about that sum; but keep it, and we shall be quits."

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       "Yes, you; it would not be astonishing."

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    {  "Two or three hundred Roman crowns?"

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      "And when you know, will you tell me?"