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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "On the contrary, I shall feel much pleasure." Thus, thefuture father and son-in-law stepped into the same carriage,and Morrel, seeing them pass, became uneasy. Villefort andFranz returned to the Faubourg Saint-Honore. The procureur,without going to see either his wife or his daughter, wentat once to his study, and, offering the young man a chair,-- "M. d'Epinay," said he, "allow me to remind you at thismoment, -- which is perhaps not so ill-chosen as at firstsight may appear, for obedience to the wishes of thedeparted is the first offering which should be made at theirtomb, -- allow me then to remind you of the wish expressedby Madame de Saint-Meran on her death-bed, that Valentine'swedding might not be deferred. You know the affairs of thedeceased are in perfect order, and her will bequeaths toValentine the entire property of the Saint-Meran family; thenotary showed me the documents yesterday, which will enableus to draw up the contract immediately. You may call on thenotary, M. Deschamps, Place Beauveau, Faubourg Saint-Honore,and you have my authority to inspect those deeds."
2.  "True," said M. d'Avrigny; "we will return." The doctor wentout first, followed by M. de Villefort. The terrifiedservants were on the stairs and in the passage where thedoctor would pass. "Sir," said d'Avrigny to Villefort, soloud that all might hear, "poor Barrois has led toosedentary a life of late; accustomed formerly to ride onhorseback, or in the carriage, to the four corners ofEurope, the monotonous walk around that arm-chair has killedhim -- his blood has thickened. He was stout, had a short,thick neck; he was attacked with apoplexy, and I was calledin too late. By the way," added he in a low tone, "take careto throw away that cup of syrup of violets in the ashes."
3.  "A Greek?" murmured the Count of Morcerf.
4.  "That I might the sooner see you again, my dear father,"replied the young man. "I was most anxious to see you."
5.  "It is magnificent," continued Beauchamp, "to be able toexercise so much self-control!"
6.  "What is it?" asked Villefort, rushing from his room."Doctor, do you hear them call for help?"


1.  Danglars thought of the old man whom, in his hours ofdelirium, he had seen groaning on his bed. He struck hisforehead on the ground and groaned. "Yes," he said, "therehave been some who have suffered more than I have, but thenthey must have been martyrs at least."
2.  "No; neither do I wish to incur guilt. Hitherto I havefancied myself merely waging war against circumstances, notmen. I have thought it no sin to bore through a wall, ordestroy a staircase; but I cannot so easily persuade myselfto pierce a heart or take away a life." A slight movement ofsurprise escaped Dantes.
3.  "Well, do you comprehend now?" inquired Faria.
4.  Madame Danglars was rooted to the spot; she made a violenteffort to reply to this last attack, but she fell upon achair thinking of Villefort, of the dinner scene, of thestrange series of misfortunes which had taken place in herhouse during the last few days, and changed the usual calmof her establishment to a scene of scandalous debate.Danglars did not even look at her, though she did her bestto faint. He shut the bedroom door after him, without addinganother word, and returned to his apartments; and whenMadame Danglars recovered from her half-fainting condition,she could almost believe that she had had a disagreeabledream.
5.  "Madame," replied Monte Cristo gravely, and gazing earnestlyon the two liquid pearls that trickled down Julie's cheeks,"had Lord Wilmore seen what I now see, he would becomeattached to life, for the tears you shed would reconcile himto mankind;" and he held out his hand to Julie, who gave himhers, carried away by the look and accent of the count."But," continued she, "Lord Wilmore had a family or friends,he must have known some one, can we not -- "
6.  "Yes, that I have suffered; but the culprit?"


1.  "True, I was a tailor, till the trade fell off. It is so hotat Marseilles, that really I believe that the respectableinhabitants will in time go without any clothing whatever.But talking of heat, is there nothing I can offer you by wayof refreshment?"
2.  "Take what rest you require, and remember that if you arenot able to serve me here in Paris, you may be of thegreatest service to me at Marseilles."
3.  The count was dressed in black and with his habitualsimplicity; his white waistcoat displayed his expansivenoble chest and his black stock was singularly noticeablebecause of its contrast with the deadly paleness of hisface. His only jewellery was a chain, so fine that theslender gold thread was scarcely perceptible on his whitewaistcoat. A circle was immediately formed around the door.The count perceived at one glance Madame Danglars at one endof the drawing-room, M. Danglars at the other, and Eugeniein front of him. He first advanced towards the baroness, whowas chatting with Madame de Villefort, who had come alone,Valentine being still an invalid; and without turning aside,so clear was the road left for him, he passed from thebaroness to Eugenie, whom he complimented in such rapid andmeasured terms, that the proud artist was quite struck. Nearher was Mademoiselle Louise d'Armilly, who thanked the countfor the letters of introduction he had so kindly given herfor Italy, which she intended immediately to make use of. Onleaving these ladies he found himself with Danglars, who hadadvanced to meet him.
4.  "At all events, it is neither you nor I."
5.   "Yes, sir," replied the abbe; "and you are the person whomM. de Boville, formerly an inspector of prisons, sends to mefrom the prefect of police?"
6.  "Yes. At first my neck was cramped with looking at it, butat the end of a year I became used to it; and then we haveour hours of recreation, and our holidays."


1.  "In a house in the Allees de Meillan, No. 15, on the cornerof a mantelpiece in a small room on the fifth floor."
2.  "Now, could any one have had any interest in preventing theaccomplishment of these two things? But let us first settlethe question as to its being the interest of any one tohinder you from being captain of the Pharaon. What say you?"
3.  "I believe so; however, he regrets your absence extremely .He says you were the sun of Rome, and that without you allappears dark and cloudy; I do not know if he does not evengo so far as to say that it rains."
4、  "On the contrary, she often says, `Morcerf, I believe thecount has a noble nature; try to gain his esteem.'"
5、  "Oh, you frighten me! But speak; I will listen."




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      "How imprudent," said Chateau-Renaud, "to come on horsebackto fight a duel with pistols, after all the instructions Ihad given him."

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      From the imperfect means Franz had of judging, he could onlycome to one conclusion, -- that the person whom he was thuswatching certainly belonged to no inferior station of life.Some few minutes had elapsed, and the stranger began to showmanifest signs of impatience, when a slight noise was heardoutside the aperture in the roof, and almost immediately adark shadow seemed to obstruct the flood of light that hadentered it, and the figure of a man was clearly seen gazingwith eager scrutiny on the immense space beneath him; then,as his eye caught sight of him in the mantle, he grasped afloating mass of thickly matted boughs, and glided down bytheir help to within three or four feet of the ground, andthen leaped lightly on his feet. The man who had performedthis daring act with so much indifference wore theTranstevere costume. "I beg your excellency's pardon forkeeping you waiting," said the man, in the Roman dialect,"but I don't think I'm many minutes after my time, teno'clock his just struck on the Lateran."

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       Busoni turned around, and, perceiving the excitementdepicted on the magistrate's face, the savage lustre of hiseyes, he understood that the revelation had been made at theassizes; but beyond this he was ignorant. "I came to prayover the body of your daughter."

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      "Sir," said Villefort, in the squeaky tone assumed bymagistrates in their oratorical periods, and of which theycannot, or will not, divest themselves in society, "sir, thesignal service which you yesterday rendered to my wife andson has made it a duty for me to offer you my thanks. I havecome, therefore, to discharge this duty, and to express toyou my overwhelming gratitude." And as he said this, the"eye severe" of the magistrate had lost nothing of itshabitual arrogance. He spoke in a voice of theprocureur-general, with the rigid inflexibility of neck andshoulders which caused his flatterers to say (as we havebefore observed) that he was the living statue of the law.

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    {  "Madame de Villefort?"

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      "Ah, lips that say one thing, while the heart thinksanother," murmured Edmond. "But, never mind, he is aneighbor who has done us a service on a time, so he'swelcome."}

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      "`The president then sought to make him speak moreexplicitly, but M. de Quesnel replied that he wished firstto know what they wanted with him. He was then informed ofthe contents of the letter from the Island of Elba, in whichhe was recommended to the club as a man who would be likelyto advance the interests of their party. One paragraph spokeof the return of Bonaparte and promised another letter andfurther details, on the arrival of the Pharaon belonging tothe shipbuilder Morrel, of Marseilles, whose captain wasentirely devoted to the emperor. During all this time, thegeneral, on whom they thought to have relied as on abrother, manifested evidently signs of discontent andrepugnance. When the reading was finished, he remainedsilent, with knitted brows.

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      "I know that is the report; but, as you are aware, thepolice does not content itself with vague reports."

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       "Oh, I can well believe that, for neither of them was wortha penny."

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    {  "Help! help!" cried the abbe, "I -- I -- die -- I" --

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      "Do; but make no treaty -- you understand me?"