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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I will offer myself as floor-polisher."
2.  Chapter 6The Deputy Procureur du Roi.
3.  "A cup of chocolate."
4.  Pere Pamphile had seen Dantes pass not ten minutes before;and assured that he was at the Catalans, they sat down underthe budding foliage of the planes and sycamores, in thebranches of which the birds were singing their welcome toone of the first days of spring.
5.  "`Yes, captain,' returned Carlini. `At nine o'clockto-morrow Rita's father will be here with the money.' -- `Itis well; in the meantime, we will have a merry night; thisyoung girl is charming, and does credit to your taste. Now,as I am not egotistical, we will return to our comrades anddraw lots for her.' -- `You have determined, then, toabandon her to the common law?" said Carlini.
6.  "And what part did he play in this sad drama?" inquired theabbe.


1.  "To Auteuil!" cried Bertuccio, whose copper complexionbecame livid -- "I go to Auteuil?"
2.  "I say, captain," said the sailor who had cried "Courage!"to Dantes, "if what he says is true, what hinders hisstaying with us?"
3.  "Nothing at all; smugglers are not thieves."
4.  "And where does he reside?"
5.  "But," cried Dantes, "it was a hundred and forty francs Iowed Caderousse."
6.  "But," exclaimed the abbe suddenly, "you were thereyourself."


1.  "Of the evil you have done," said the voice.
2.  "Yes, which made fools laugh, which caused the minister tohave a sleepless night, which has caused the minister'ssecretaries to blacken several sheets of paper, but whichhas cost me 700,000 francs."
3.  "But still, if Albert be not so rich as MademoiselleDanglars," said the count, "you must allow that he has afine name?"
4.  "What is that?"
5.   "Come, Louise," said Mademoiselle Danglars to her friend.They passed into the next drawing-room, where tea wasprepared. Just as they were beginning, in the Englishfashion, to leave the spoons in their cups, the door againopened and Danglars entered, visibly agitated. Monte Cristoobserved it particularly, and by a look asked the banker foran explanation. "I have just received my courier fromGreece," said Danglars.
6.  "Oh," cried the inspector, "who can live here?"


1.  "They are my bankers in the capital of the Christian world,"returned the count quietly. "Can my influence with them beof any service to you?"
2.  "I understand; you are displeased at the silence I havepreserved on the subject. The reason of it was, that theyhad insisted on my keeping the matter a secret, and beggedme not to tell you anything of it. They did not evenacquaint me with their intentions, and I only discoveredthem by chance, that is why I have been so reserved withyou, dear grandpapa. Pray forgive me." But there was no lookcalculated to reassure her; all it seemed to say was, "It isnot only your reserve which afflicts me."
3.  "Speak as fully as you please, sir," said the king, whobegan to give way to the emotion which had showed itself inBlacas's face and affected Villefort's voice. "Speak, sir,and pray begin at the beginning; I like order ineverything."
4、  "And how far back into the past do your recollectionsextend?"
5、  Albert found in his anteroom two guns, with all theaccoutrements for hunting; a lofty room on the ground-floorcontaining all the ingenious instruments the English --eminent in piscatory pursuits, since they are patient andsluggish -- have invented for fishing. The day passed inpursuing those exercises in which Monte Cristo excelled.They killed a dozen pheasants in the park, as many trout inthe stream, dined in a summer-house overlooking the ocean,and took tea in the library.




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      "Ah, true. Well; I shall rent a room in some respectablehouse, wear a decent coat, shave every day, and go and readthe papers in a cafe. Then, in the evening, I shall go tothe theatre; I shall look like some retired baker. That iswhat I want."

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      "What would you have?" said Monte Cristo; "we are allmortal. Now, you understand, my dear Monsieur Cavalcanti,that it is useless for you to tell people in France that youhave been separated from your son for fifteen years. Storiesof gypsies, who steal children, are not at all in vogue inthis part of the world, and would not be believed. You senthim for his education to a college in one of the provinces,and now you wish him to complete his education in theParisian world. That is the reason which has induced you toleave Via Reggio, where you have lived since the death ofyour wife. That will be sufficient."

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       "To accompany the doctor to the door," added Morrel.

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      "Can it be possible?"

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    {  "My poor mother!" said Albert, passing his hand across hiseyes, "I know she would; but better so than die of shame."

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      "You are to-day free as air -- come and dine with me; weshall be a small party -- only yourself, my mother, and I.You have scarcely seen my mother; you shall have anopportunity of observing her more closely. She is aremarkable woman, and I only regret that there does notexist another like her, about twenty years younger; in thatcase, I assure you, there would very soon be a Countess andViscountess of Morcerf. As to my father, you will not seehim; he is officially engaged, and dines with the chiefreferendary. We will talk over our travels; and you, whohave seen the whole world, will relate your adventures --you shall tell us the history of the beautiful Greek who waswith you the other night at the Opera, and whom you callyour slave, and yet treat like a princess. We will talkItalian and Spanish. Come, accept my invitation, and mymother will thank you."}

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      "Indeed!" replied Villefort, looking at his father withastonishment, "you really do seem very well informed."

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      "Oh, yes; I will listen, monsieur, for I am most curious tohear what explanation you will give. These two gentlemenshall decide between us; but, first, I will state the caseto them. Gentlemen," continued the baroness, "among the tenhorses in the stables of Baron Danglars, are two that belongexclusively to me -- a pair of the handsomest and mostspirited creatures to be found in Paris. But to you, atleast, M. Debray, I need not give a further description,because to you my beautiful pair of dappled grays were wellknown. Well, I had promised Madame de Villefort the loan ofmy carriage to drive to-morrow to the Bois; but when mycoachman goes to fetch the grays from the stables they aregone -- positively gone. No doubt M. Danglars has sacrificedthem to the selfish consideration of gaining some thousandsof paltry francs. Oh, what a detestable crew they are, thesemercenary speculators!"

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       "Mademoiselle," said he, "you have a sacred duty to fulfilin your deceased grandmother's room, will you allow me thehonor of a few minutes' conversation with M. Noirtier?"

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    {  "What can he be looking for?" thought Edmond. "The spade,perhaps." An exclamation of satisfaction indicated that thegrave-digger had found the object of his search. "Here it isat last," he said, "not without some trouble though."

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      The jailer saw by his tone he would be happy to die; and asevery prisoner is worth ten sous a day to his jailer, hereplied in a more subdued tone.