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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  At first the captain had received Dantes on board with acertain degree of distrust. He was very well known to thecustoms officers of the coast; and as there was betweenthese worthies and himself a perpetual battle of wits, hehad at first thought that Dantes might be an emissary ofthese industrious guardians of rights and duties, whoperhaps employed this ingenious means of learning some ofthe secrets of his trade. But the skilful manner in whichDantes had handled the lugger had entirely reassured him;and then, when he saw the light plume of smoke floatingabove the bastion of the Chateau d'If, and heard the distantreport, he was instantly struck with the idea that he had onboard his vessel one whose coming and going, like that ofkings, was accompanied with salutes of artillery. This madehim less uneasy, it must be owned, than if the new-comer hadproved to be a customs officer; but this supposition alsodisappeared like the first, when he beheld the perfecttranquillity of his recruit.
2.  "And," said Madame de Villefort, "I need not ask you if youshare that fancy."
3.  "But," said Debray to Beauchamp, "if I spoke to thepresident, you must have been with the procureur."
4.  "A man or a woman?"
5.  "As you please, sir," said Caderousse, who, anxious not tolose the present opportunity of finding a customer for oneof the few bottles of Cahors still remaining in hispossession, hastily raised a trap-door in the floor of theapartment they were in, which served both as parlor andkitchen. Upon issuing forth from his subterranean retreat atthe expiration of five minutes, he found the abbe seatedupon a wooden stool, leaning his elbow on a table, whileMargotin, whose animosity seemed appeased by the unusualcommand of the traveller for refreshments, had crept up tohim, and had established himself very comfortably betweenhis knees, his long, skinny neck resting on his lap, whilehis dim eye was fixed earnestly on the traveller's face.
6.  "Impossible," said Madame de Villefort.


1.  "Yes."
2.  "Yes, that is true, reverend sir."
3.  "Well, be it so -- let us part," said Mercedes, foldingaround her shoulders the only shawl she had taken away, andwhich accidentally happened to be a valuable black cashmere.Albert gathered up his papers hastily, rang the bell to paythe thirty francs he owed to the landlord, and offering hisarm to his mother, they descended the stairs. Some one waswalking down before them, and this person, hearing therustling of a silk dress, turned around. "Debray!" mutteredAlbert.
4.  Dantes took the hand of the abbe in his, and affectionatelypressed it. Faria smiled encouragingly on him, and the youngman retired to his task, in the spirit of obedience andrespect which he had sworn to show towards his aged friend.
5.  Dantes, whole attention was riveted on a man who could thusforget his own misfortunes while occupying himself with thedestinies of others.
6.  "I am not begging, my fine fellow," said the unknown to theservant, with so ironical an expression of the eye, and sofrightful a smile, that he withdrew; "I only wish to say twoor three words to your master, who gave me a commission toexecute about a fortnight ago."


1.  "Tell your coachman to stop at the door."
2.  "No, monsieur, and yet I recollect all things as clearly asif they had happened but then. I had a brother, an elderbrother, who was in the service of the emperor; he hadbecome lieutenant in a regiment composed entirely ofCorsicans. This brother was my only friend; we becameorphans -- I at five, he at eighteen. He brought me up as ifI had been his son, and in 1814 he married. When the emperorreturned from the Island of Elba, my brother instantlyjoined the army, was slightly wounded at Waterloo, andretired with the army beyond the Loire."
3.  "You are right," exclaimed Danglars, rising quickly, "I willwrite to-day."
4.  "Here I am," said Vampa, instantly appearing; "what do youwant?"
5.   "Of what packet are you speaking, Danglars?"
6.  "I divined that you would become mine, count," repliedMorrel; "besides, as I had the honor to tell you, heroism ornot, sacrifice or not, that day I owed an offering to badfortune in recompense for the favors good fortune had onother days granted to us."


1.  "My son," said the abbe, "you, who are a sailor and aswimmer, must know as well as I do that a man so loadedwould sink before he had done fifty strokes. Cease, then, toallow yourself to be duped by vain hopes, that even your ownexcellent heart refuses to believe in. Here I shall remaintill the hour of my deliverance arrives, and that, in allhuman probability, will be the hour of my death. As for you,who are young and active, delay not on my account, but fly-- go-I give you back your promise."
2.  "Are we threatened with a fresh Reign of Terror?" askedanother.
3.  "It is magnificent," continued Beauchamp, "to be able toexercise so much self-control!"
4、  "He is at my house."
5、  "Danglars."




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      Chapter 17The Abbe's Chamber.

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      That very day the miners began their labors, with a vigorand alacrity proportionate to their long rest from fatigueand their hopes of ultimate success. Nothing interrupted theprogress of the work except the necessity that each wasunder of returning to his cell in anticipation of theturnkey's visits. They had learned to distinguish the almostimperceptible sound of his footsteps as he descended towardstheir dungeons, and happily, never failed of being preparedfor his coming. The fresh earth excavated during theirpresent work, and which would have entirely blocked up theold passage, was thrown, by degrees and with the utmostprecaution, out of the window in either Faria's or Dantes'cell, the rubbish being first pulverized so finely that thenight wind carried it far away without permitting thesmallest trace to remain. More than a year had been consumedin this undertaking, the only tools for which had been achisel, a knife, and a wooden lever; Faria still continuingto instruct Dantes by conversing with him, sometimes in onelanguage, sometimes in another; at others, relating to himthe history of nations and great men who from time to timehave risen to fame and trodden the path of glory.

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       "That is admirable!" said Eugenie with sovereign contempt,smoothing her gloves out one upon the other.

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      "My dear fellow, the emperor is at this moment on the way toGrenoble; on the 10th or 12th he will be at Lyons, and onthe 20th or 25th at Paris."

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    {  Villefort was no longer the civilized man; he was a tigerhurt unto death, gnashing his teeth in his wound. He nolonger feared realities, but phantoms. He leaped over thecorpse as if it had been a burning brazier. He took thechild in his arms, embraced him, shook him, called him, butthe child made no response. He pressed his burning lips tothe cheeks, but they were icy cold and pale; he felt thestiffened limbs; he pressed his hand upon the heart, but itno longer beat, -- the child was dead. A folded paper fellfrom Edward's breast. Villefort, thunderstruck, fell uponhis knees; the child dropped from his arms, and rolled onthe floor by the side of its mother. He picked up the paper,and, recognizing his wife's writing, ran his eyes rapidlyover its contents; it ran as follows: --

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      "To what?"}

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      "You think to reassure me when you say that, Maximilian."

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      "Ah," exclaimed Morrel, interrupting the count, "you hadonly lost your liberty, my father had only lost his fortune,but I have lost Valentine."

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       "I do not say there is any truth in what I am going to tellyou, but it is, at least, a ray of light in a dark night; byfollowing it we may, perhaps, discover something morecertain."

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    {  "`You will sell this diamond; you will divide the money intofive equal parts, and give an equal portion to these goodfriends, the only persons who have loved me upon earth.'"

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      "Politeness, you simpleton!" retorted La Carconte. "Whathave you to do with politeness, I should like to know?Better study a little common prudence. How do you know themotives that person may have for trying to extract all hecan from you?"