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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Again, time hanging heavily on his hands, he went home early, andthis continued for several days, each day the need to huntpaining him, and each day disgust, depression, shamefacednessdriving him into lobby idleness.
2.  Then he looked about upon a dingy, moth-eaten hotel lobby.
3.  "Ain't they ever goin' to open up?" queried a hoarse voice,suggestively.
4.  "Well, you're a fine one," said Mrs. Vance, laughing, the whilenoting that Carrie's appearance had modified somewhat. "Theaddress, too," she added to herself. "They must be hard up."
5.  Carrie proceeded to get the "Clipper," and tried to find theagents by looking over it as she stood beside the stand. Thiscould not be done so easily. Thirteenth Street was a number ofblocks off, but she went back, carrying the precious paper andregretting the waste of time.
6.  He only grinned broadly in return.


1.  "A little," said Carrie.
2.  It was customary for them to discuss the regular summer outing atthis season of the year.
3.  "Now, come on," he said.
4.  "Now," he said, addressing first Carrie and then Drouet with hiseyes, "you must be ready at 7.30. I'll come and get you."
5.  "Never mind what you were just. Keep your ears open."
6.  "What would be the use?" said Shaughnessy. "We couldn't getanother corner around here."


1.  That night he felt a cold coming on and took quinine. He wasfeverish until morning, and sat about the next day while Carriewaited on him. He was a helpless creature in sickness, not veryhandsome in a dull-coloured bath gown and his hair uncombed. Helooked haggard about the eyes and quite old. Carrie noticedthis, and it did not appeal to her. She wanted to be good-natured and sympathetic, but something about the man held heraloof.
2.  "Jessica must have a new dress this month," said Mrs. Hurstwoodone morning.
3.  "That's steep, isn't it?" he answered.
4.  "Do you know when I can see him?"
5.   It seemed as if he thought a while, for now he arose and turnedthe gas out, standing calmly in the blackness, hidden from view.After a few moments, in which he reviewed nothing, but merelyhesitated, he turned the gas on again, but applied no match.Even then he stood there, hidden wholly in that kindness which isnight, while the uprising fumes filled the room. When the odourreached his nostrils, he quit his attitude and fumbled for thebed. "What's the use?" he said, weakly, as he stretched himselfto rest.
6.  As she did all these things, she was in a most despondent state.


1.  Chapter XXXVII
2.  "Well, she can afford it as long as he puts up for it," returnedHurstwood. "He's got a soft job."
3.  "Gold, ain't it?"
4、  "My dear," said the lace collar she secured from Partridge's, "Ifit you beautifully; don't give me up."
5、  "He probably could be happy," she thought to herself, "all alone.He's so strong."




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      The sight of him always around in his untidy clothes and gloomyappearance drove Carrie to seek relief in other places. Twice aweek there were matinees, and then Hurstwood ate a cold snack,which he prepared himself. Two other days there were rehearsalsbeginning at ten in the morning and lasting usually until one.Now, to this Carrie added a few visits to one or two chorusgirls, including the blue-eyed soldier of the golden helmet. Shedid it because it was pleasant and a relief from dulness of thehome over which her husband brooded.

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      "I'd tackle him now," volunteered the youth. "He may go 'way."

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       "Let's stroll about," he said gayly, rising and surveying all thelovely park.

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      "Nor I."

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    {  The races in question were soon to open at Washington Park, onthe South Side, and were considered quite society affairs amongthose who did not affect religious rectitude and conservatism.Mrs. Hurstwood had never asked for a whole season ticket before,but this year certain considerations decided her to get a box.For one thing, one of her neighbours, a certain Mr. and Mrs.Ramsey, who were possessors of money, made out of the coalbusiness, had done so. In the next place, her favouritephysician, Dr. Beale, a gentleman inclined to horses and betting,had talked with her concerning his intention to enter a two-year-old in the Derby. In the third place, she wished to exhibitJessica, who was gaining in maturity and beauty, and whom shehoped to marry to a man of means. Her own desire to be about insuch things and parade among her acquaintances and common throngwas as much an incentive as anything.

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      "Yes, sir," said Carrie, who had long since learned this art.}

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      "Carrie wants us to go to the theatre," she said, looking in uponher husband. Hanson looked up from his paper, and they exchangeda mild look, which said as plainly as anything: "This isn't whatwe expected."

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      "No," he replied abruptly, and turned upon his heel.

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       "You know what I mean," she said, finally, as if there were aworld of information which she held in reserve--which she did notneed to tell.

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    {  "What sort of a play is it?"

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      "He said he came because he thought I might be lonely. Youhadn't been in there so long he wondered what had become of you."