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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I think, sir, you exaggerate your situation," said MadameDanglars, whose beautiful eyes sparkled for a moment. "Thepaths of which you were just speaking have been traced byall young men of ardent imaginations. Besides the pleasure,there is always remorse from the indulgence of our passions,and, after all, what have you men to fear from all this? theworld excuses, and notoriety ennobles you."
2.  "To make your will?"
3.  "Upon a hundred francs!"
4.  "By no means. He is a perfect nobleman, very polite, modest,and agreeable, such as may be found constantly in Italy,descendants of very ancient families. I have met him severaltimes at Florence, Bologna and Lucca, and he has nowcommunicated to me the fact of his arrival in Paris. Theacquaintances one makes in travelling have a sort of claimon one; they everywhere expect to receive the same attentionwhich you once paid them by chance, as though the civilitiesof a passing hour were likely to awaken any lasting interestin favor of the man in whose society you may happen to bethrown in the course of your journey. This good MajorCavalcanti is come to take a second view of Paris, which heonly saw in passing through in the time of the Empire, whenhe was on his way to Moscow. I shall give him a good dinner,he will confide his son to my care, I will promise to watchover him, I shall let him follow in whatever path his follymay lead him, and then I shall have done my part."
5.  "Thanks," said the poor abbe, shivering as though his veinswere filled with ice. "I am about to be seized with a fit ofcatalepsy; when it comes to its height I shall probably liestill and motionless as though dead, uttering neither sighnor groan. On the other hand, the symptoms may be much moreviolent, and cause me to fall into fearful convulsions, foamat the mouth, and cry out loudly. Take care my cries are notheard, for if they are it is more than probable I should beremoved to another part of the prison, and we be separatedforever. When I become quite motionless, cold, and rigid asa corpse, then, and not before, -- be careful about this, --force open my teeth with the knife, pour from eight to tendrops of the liquor containted in the phial down my throat,and I may perhaps revive."
6.  "And you paid him out of the two hundred francs I left you?"


1.  The day following this scene, at the hour the banker usuallychose to pay a visit to Madame Danglars on his way to hisoffice, his coupe did not appear. At this time, that is,about half-past twelve, Madame Danglars ordered hercarriage, and went out. Danglars, hidden behind a curtain,watched the departure he had been waiting for. He gaveorders that he should be informed as soon as Madame Danglarsappeared; but at two o'clock she had not returned. He thencalled for his horses, drove to the Chamber, and inscribedhis name to speak against the budget. From twelve to twoo'clock Danglars had remained in his study, unsealing hisdispatches, and becoming more and more sad every minute,heaping figure upon figure, and receiving, among othervisits, one from Major Cavalcanti, who, as stiff and exactas ever, presented himself precisely at the hour named thenight before, to terminate his business with the banker. Onleaving the Chamber, Danglars, who had shown violent marksof agitation during the sitting, and been more bitter thanever against the ministry, re-entered his carriage, and toldthe coachman to drive to the Avenue des Champs-Elysees, No.30.
2.  "If my society would not be disagreeable."
3.  When he opened his eyes Dantes found himself on the deck ofthe tartan. His first care was to see what course they weretaking. They were rapidly leaving the Chateau d'If behind.Dantes was so exhausted that the exclamation of joy heuttered was mistaken for a sigh.
4.  "Proceed!" said he to the host.
5.  "La Carconte went to a cupboard, and returned with an oldleathern pocket-book and a bag. From the former she tooksome greasy letters, and put in their place the bank-notes,and from the bag took two or three crowns of six livreseach, which, in all probability, formed the entire fortuneof the miserable couple. `There,' said Caderousse; `and now,although you have wronged us of perhaps 10,000 francs, willyou have your supper with us? I invite you with good-will.'-- `Thank you,' replied the jeweller, `it must be gettinglate, and I must return to Beaucaire -- my wife will begetting uneasy.' He drew out his watch, and exclaimed,`Morbleu, nearly nine o'clock -- why, I shall not get backto Beaucaire before midnight! Good-night, my friends. If theAbbe Busoni should by any accident return, think of me.' --`In another week you will have left Beaucaire.' remarkedCaderousse, `for the fair ends in a few days.' -- `True, butthat makes no difference. Write to me at Paris, to M.Joannes, in the Palais Royal, arcade Pierre, No. 45. I willmake the journey on purpose to see him, if it is worthwhile.' At this moment there was a tremendous clap ofthunder, accompanied by a flash of lightning so vivid, thatit quite eclipsed the light of the lamp.
6.  "Well, amiable Corsican, let us suppose it is providence. Ialways suppose anything people please, and, besides, youmust concede something to diseased minds. Come, collectyourself, and tell me all."


1.  "Reverend sir, I am impelled" --
2.  "Not a word."
3.  Meanwhile his comrades had prepared the repast, had got somewater from a spring, spread out the fruit and bread, andcooked the kid. Just at the moment when they were taking thedainty animal from the spit, they saw Edmond springing withthe boldness of a chamois from rock to rock, and they firedthe signal agreed upon. The sportsman instantly changed hisdirection, and ran quickly towards them. But even while theywatched his daring progress, Edmond's foot slipped, and theysaw him stagger on the edge of a rock and disappear. Theyall rushed towards him, for all loved Edmond in spite of hissuperiority; yet Jacopo reached him first.
4.  "Phantoms are visible to those only who ought to see them.It was the soul of my husband! -- Well, if my husband's soulcan come to me, why should not my soul reappear to guard mygranddaughter? the tie is even more direct, it seems to me."
5.   "What have you to offer to me, my friend? Shells?Straw-work? Thank you!"
6.  "Yes."


1.  Peppino remained breathless. "A pardon for Peppino, calledRocca Priori," said the principal friar. And he passed thepaper to the officer commanding the carbineers, who read andreturned it to him.
2.  The assizes, also, were about to begin, and Villefort, shutup in his room, exerted himself with feverish anxiety indrawing up the case against the murderer of Caderousse. Thisaffair, like all those in which the Count of Monte Cristohad interfered, caused a great sensation in Paris. Theproofs were certainly not convincing, since they rested upona few words written by an escaped galley-slave on hisdeath-bed, and who might have been actuated by hatred orrevenge in accusing his companion. But the mind of theprocureur was made up; he felt assured that Benedetto wasguilty, and he hoped by his skill in conducting thisaggravated case to flatter his self-love, which was aboutthe only vulnerable point left in his frozen heart.
3.  "Why, this is the way of it," said the minister, with thegravest air in the world: "Napoleon lately had a review, andas two or three of his old veterans expressed a desire toreturn to France, he gave them their dismissal, and exhortedthem to `serve the good king.' These were his own words, ofthat I am certain."
4、  "Oh, my poor mother," said Villefort, "to have such dutiesto perform at your age after such a blow!"
5、  "Doubtless; but there is no occasion to divide the honors ofmy discovery with him. The keeper would leave me in thebackground, and take all the glory to himself. I tell you,marquis, my fortune is made if I only reach the Tuileriesthe first, for the king will not forget the service I dohim."




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      "I promise."

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      "You see some one pays me a visit. Ah, my dear sir, you willsee whether a Cavalcanti is to be treated like a commonperson!" And Andrea, gliding through the court like a blackshadow, rushed out through the wicket, leaving his comrades,and even the keeper, lost in wonder. Certainly a call to thevisitors' room had scarcely astonished Andrea less thanthemselves, for the wily youth, instead of making use of hisprivilege of waiting to be claimed on his entry into LaForce, had maintained a rigid silence. "Everything," hesaid, "proves me to be under the protection of some powerfulperson, -- this sudden fortune, the facility with which Ihave overcome all obstacles, an unexpected family and anillustrious name awarded to me, gold showered down upon me,and the most splendid alliances about to be entered into. Anunhappy lapse of fortune and the absence of my protectorhave cast me down, certainly, but not forever. The handwhich has retreated for a while will be again stretchedforth to save me at the very moment when I shall thinkmyself sinking into the abyss. Why should I risk animprudent step? It might alienate my protector. He has twomeans of extricating me from this dilemma, -- the one by amysterious escape, managed through bribery; the other bybuying off my judges with gold. I will say and do nothinguntil I am convinced that he has quite abandoned me, andthen" --

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       "What do they say?"

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      "Very near, only half a league from the Barriers, -- it isat Auteuil."

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    {  "Thank you," said Monte Cristo; "now you must permit me totake my leave of you."

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      On landing, the count turned towards the cemetery, where hefelt sure of finding Morrel. He, too, ten years ago, hadpiously sought out a tomb, and sought it vainly. He, whoreturned to France with millions, had been unable to findthe grave of his father, who had perished from hunger.Morrel had indeed placed a cross over the spot, but it hadfallen down and the grave-digger had burnt it, as he did allthe old wood in the churchyard. The worthy merchant had beenmore fortunate. Dying in the arms of his children, he hadbeen by them laid by the side of his wife, who had precededhim in eternity by two years. Two large slabs of marble, onwhich were inscribed their names, were placed on either sideof a little enclosure, railed in, and shaded by fourcypress-trees. Morrel was leaning against one of these,mechanically fixing his eyes on the graves. His grief was soprofound that he was nearly unconscious. "Maximilian," saidthe count, "you should not look on the graves, but there;"and he pointed upwards.}

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      "I am satisfied, madame, that he did what I have told you;besides, that is not much more odious than that a Frenchmanby adoption should pass over to the English; that a Spaniardby birth should have fought against the Spaniards; that astipendiary of Ali should have betrayed and murdered Ali.Compared with such things, what is the letter you have justread? -- a lover's deception, which the woman who hasmarried that man ought certainly to forgive; but not so thelover who was to have married her. Well, the French did notavenge themselves on the traitor, the Spaniards did notshoot the traitor, Ali in his tomb left the traitorunpunished; but I, betrayed, sacrificed, buried, have risenfrom my tomb, by the grace of God, to punish that man. Hesends me for that purpose, and here I am." The poor woman'shead and arms fell; her legs bent under her, and she fell onher knees. "Forgive, Edmond, forgive for my sake, who loveyou still!"

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      "No," replied the count; "I take pleasure in saying that youhave served me faithfully, Bertuccio; but you might haveshown more confidence in me."

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       It was evident that one sentiment affected all the guests onentering the dining-room. Each one asked what strangeinfluence had brought them to this house, and yetastonished, even uneasy though they were, they still feltthat they would not like to be absent. The recent events,the solitary and eccentric position of the count, hisenormous, nay, almost incredible fortune, should have mademen cautious, and have altogether prevented ladies visitinga house where there was no one of their own sex to receivethem; and yet curiosity had been enough to lead them tooverleap the bounds of prudence and decorum. And allpresent, even including Cavalcanti and his son,notwithstanding the stiffness of the one and thecarelessness of the other, were thoughtful, on findingthemselves assembled at the house of this incomprehensibleman. Madame Danglars had started when Villefort, on thecount's invitation, offered his arm; and Villefort felt thathis glance was uneasy beneath his gold spectacles, when hefelt the arm of the baroness press upon his own. None ofthis had escaped the count, and even by this mere contact ofindividuals the scene had already acquired considerableinterest for an observer. M. de Villefort had on the righthand Madame Danglars, on his left Morrel. The count wasseated between Madame de Villefort and Danglars; the otherseats were filled by Debray, who was placed between the twoCavalcanti, and by Chateau-Renaud, seated between Madame deVillefort and Morrel.

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    {  "Dangerous! -- and why?"

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      "For heaven's sake, where is that?" asked the marquise.