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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Oh, I am sure of it; we talked of you an hour after youleft us the other day. But to return to what we were saying.If my mother could know of this attention on your part --and I will venture to tell her -- I am sure that she will bemost grateful to you; it is true that my father will beequally angry." The count laughed. "Well," said he toMorcerf, "but I think your father will not be the only angryone; M. and Madame Danglars will think me a veryill-mannered person. They know that I am intimate with you-- that you are, in fact; one of the oldest of my Parisianacquaintances -- and they will not find you at my house;they will certainly ask me why I did not invite you. Be sureto provide yourself with some previous engagement whichshall have a semblance of probability, and communicate thefact to me by a line in writing. You know that with bankersnothing but a written document will be valid."
2.  "You sent for me?" he said to the prisoner.
3.  "What is done to infanticides in this country?" asked MajorCavalcanti innocently.
4.  "Ah, really? -- to Paris! and will it be the first time youhave ever been there, Dantes?"
5.  "Really? Does it happen to be Jacopo Manfredi?"
6.  "I?" said the count, with a smile which petrified the dyingman, "when you had just broken your knife against the coatof mail which protected my breast! Yet perhaps if I hadfound you humble and penitent, I might have preventedBenedetto from killing you; but I found you proud andblood-thirsty, and I left you in the hands of God."


1.  "I won't go unless you give me the album," said the boy,seating himself doggedly in an arm-chair, according to hishabit of never giving way.
2.  "Sire," replied the courtier, laughing, in order that hemight seem to comprehend the quotation, "your majesty may beperfectly right in relying on the good feeling of France,but I fear I am not altogether wrong in dreading somedesperate attempt."
3.  "You see, I travel with them."
4.  "`I will do it, captain; but perhaps I shall not be admittedto the grand marshal's presence as easily as you expect?'
5.  "Are you going?"
6.  "Those are kind and cheering words. You must hope for usboth, Maximilian; that will make me at least partly happy."


1.  "Ah, pardieu, mute as a carp."
2.  "Is what true, madame?" inquired Danglars, visibly agitated.
3.  Villefort, drawn by an irresistible attraction, like that ofthe bird to the serpent, walked towards the house. As heapproached it, Noirtier's gaze followed him, and his eyesappeared of such a fiery brightness that Villefort felt thempierce to the depths of his heart. In that earnest lookmight be read a deep reproach, as well as a terrible menace.Then Noirtier raised his eyes to heaven, as though to remindhis son of a forgotten oath. "It is well, sir," repliedVillefort from below, -- "it is well; have patience but oneday longer; what I have said I will do." Noirtier seemed tobe calmed by these words, and turned his eyes withindifference to the other side. Villefort violentlyunbuttoned his great-coat, which seemed to strangle him, andpassing his livid hand across his forehead, entered hisstudy.
4.  "But I have never been presented."
5.   "And what is the news?"
6.  "Ah, sir," exclaimed Madame de Villefort, clasping herhands, "what do you say?"


1.  "Not at all! Let us recall the exact facts. You met him at adinner party at my house, and you introduced yourself at hishouse; that is a totally different affair."
2.  "Alas, my dear friend," said Faria in a resigned tone, "youunderstand, do you not, and I need not attempt to explain toyou?"
3.  "Where is my son?" asked Villefort; "let him be removed fromthe house, that he may not see" --
4、  "At least it was not I who ever encouraged you in that hope,Fernand," replied Mercedes; "you cannot reproach me with theslightest coquetry. I have always said to you, `I love youas a brother; but do not ask from me more than sisterlyaffection, for my heart is another's.' Is not this true,Fernand?"
5、  "On a level with the floor."




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      "Sir," said the notary, "how do you intend disposing of yourfortune in case Mademoiselle de Villefort still determineson marrying M. Franz?" The old man gave no answer. "Youwill, of course, dispose of it in some way or other?"

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      "Indeed," said Albert, "it is exquisite; it is impossible tounderstand the music of his country better than PrinceCavalcanti does. You said prince, did you not? But he caneasily become one, if he is not already; it is no uncommonthing in Italy. But to return to the charming musicians --you should give us a treat, Danglars, without telling themthere is a stranger. Ask them to sing one more song; it isso delightful to hear music in the distance, when themusicians are unrestrained by observation."

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       "No," replied Morcerf, "my father is most anxious about it;and I hope, ere long, to introduce you, if not to my wife,at least to my betrothed -- Mademoiselle Eugenie Danglars."

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      "You are welcome, sir, most welcome!" repeated theastonished Caderousse. "Now, then, Margotin," cried he,speaking to the dog, "will you be quiet? Pray don't heedhim, sir! -- he only barks, he never bites. I make no doubta glass of good wine would be acceptable this dreadfully hotday." Then perceiving for the first time the garb of thetraveller he had to entertain, Caderousse hastily exclaimed:"A thousand pardons! I really did not observe whom I had thehonor to receive under my poor roof. What would the abbeplease to have? What refreshment can I offer? All I have isat his service."

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    {  "Mercedes!" called a joyous voice from without, --"Mercedes!"

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      "Well, it surpasses that."}

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      "I am sorry to say I must do so, madame, I only came toremind you of your promise for Saturday."

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      "Are you hungry?" continued he.

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       "Go," said the count deliberately; "go, dear friend, butpromise me if you meet with any obstacle to remember that Ihave some power in this world, that I am happy to use thatpower in the behalf of those I love, and that I love you,Morrel."

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    {  "It is the first time he has ever been in Paris. He isblack, and cannot speak," returned Monte Cristo.

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      "None, sir," replied the bandit, "you are as free as air."