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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I? -- How could I speculate when I already have so muchtrouble in regulating my income? I should be obliged,besides my steward, to keep a clerk and a boy. But touchingthese Spanish affairs, I think that the baroness did notdream the whole of the Don Carlos matter. The papers saidsomething about it, did they not?"
2.  "In reality," replied the latter, who, with his aristocraticglance and his knowledge of the world, had penetrated atonce all that was penetrable in Monte Cristo, "Albert hasnot deceived us, for the count is a most singular being.What say you, Morrel!"
3.  "Ah, you do well to ask," said Eugenie, laughing; "I forgotthat I was Hercules, and you only the pale Omphale!" And theyoung girl, kneeling on the top, pressed the two parts ofthe portmanteau together, and Mademoiselle d'Armilly passedthe bolt of the padlock through. When this was done, Eugenieopened a drawer, of which she kept the key, and took from ita wadded violet silk travelling cloak. "Here," said she,"you see I have thought of everything; with this cloak youwill not be cold."
4.  Andrea had formed a plan which was tolerably clever. Theunfortunate youth was intrepid in the attack, and rude inthe defence. He had borne with the public prison, and withprivations of all sorts; still, by degrees nature, or rathercustom, had prevailed, and he suffered from being naked,dirty, and hungry. It was at this moment of discomfort thatthe inspector's voice called him to the visiting-room.Andrea felt his heart leap with joy. It was too soon for avisit from the examining magistrate, and too late for onefrom the director of the prison, or the doctor; it must,then, be the visitor he hoped for. Behind the grating of theroom into which Andrea had been led, he saw, while his eyesdilated with surprise, the dark and intelligent face of M.Bertuccio, who was also gazing with sad astonishment uponthe iron bars, the bolted doors, and the shadow which movedbehind the other grating.
5.  "Yes, I have seen him," he replied, "and he has handed thisletter to me. Light the candles in my apartment, if youplease." The inn-keeper gave orders to a servant to gobefore Franz with a light. The young man had found SignorPastrini looking very much alarmed, and this had only madehim the more anxious to read Albert's letter; and so he wentinstantly towards the waxlight, and unfolded it. It waswritten and signed by Albert. Franz read it twice before hecould comprehend what it contained. It was thus worded: --
6.  "Ma foi, yes."


1.  "How did you know I was in prison?"
2.  "I am the only guilty person, am I not?' said Maximilian.
3.  "Lucien, a great event has happened!" said the lady,glancing inquiringly at Lucien, -- "M. Danglars left lastnight!"
4.  "Come," said Boville, with a tone of entire incredulity,"five millions to that gentleman who just left, and whobowed to me as though he knew me?"
5.  Dantes had tasted nothing, but he thought not of hunger atsuch a moment; he hastily swallowed a few drops of rum, andagain entered the cavern. The pickaxe that had seemed soheavy, was now like a feather in his grasp; he seized it,and attacked the wall. After several blows he perceived thatthe stones were not cemented, but had been merely placed oneupon the other, and covered with stucco; he inserted thepoint of his pickaxe, and using the handle as a lever, withjoy soon saw the stone turn as if on hinges, and fall at hisfeet. He had nothing more to do now, but with the iron toothof the pickaxe to draw the stones towards him one by one.The aperture was already sufficiently large for him toenter, but by waiting, he could still cling to hope, andretard the certainty of deception. At last, after renewedhesitation, Dantes entered the second grotto. The secondgrotto was lower and more gloomy than the first; the airthat could only enter by the newly formed opening had themephitic smell Dantes was surprised not to find in the outercavern. He waited in order to allow pure air to displace thefoul atmosphere, and then went on. At the left of theopening was a dark and deep angle. But to Dantes' eye therewas no darkness. He glanced around this second grotto; itwas, like the first, empty.
6.  "No," said Danglars, "no, decidedly no; keep my signatures.But you know none are so formal as bankers in transactingbusiness; I intended this money for the charity fund, and Iseemed to be robbing them if I did not pay them with theseprecise bonds. How absurd -- as if one crown were not asgood as another. Excuse me;" and he began to laugh loudly,but nervously.


1.  "And did you also discover a bitter taste?"
2.  "Do you understand it?"
3.  "Dear Maximilian, why not attribute your escape to myconstant prayers for your safety? When you are away, I nolonger pray for myself, but for you."
4.  "Is it my fault you have lost 700,000 francs?"
5.   "Do you wish to see anything more, sir?" said the concierge.
6.  "Then Caesar and the pope hastened to lay hands on theheritage, under presence of seeking for the papers of thedead man. But the inheritance consisted in this only, ascrap of paper on which Spada had written: -- `I bequeath tomy beloved nephew my coffers, my books, and, amongst others,my breviary with the gold corners, which I beg he willpreserve in remembrance of his affectionate uncle.'


1.  "Oh," said Monte Cristo "it would be quite superfluous foryou to tell me, for I already know it."
2.  "Ah, yes; he told me it was you who sacrificed to the demonof speculation."
3.  "Tell me, should you have the misfortune to turn your headwhile your right-hand correspondent was telegraphing" --
4、  "Extremely," replied he; "she looked so pale this morning, Iscarcely knew her." These apparently simple words piercedMorrel to the heart. This man had seen Valentine, and spokento her! The young and high-spirited officer required all hisstrength of mind to resist breaking his oath. He took thearm of Chateau-Renaud, and turned towards the vault, wherethe attendants had already placed the two coffins. "This isa magnificent habitation," said Beauchamp, looking towardsthe mausoleum; "a summer and winter palace. You will, inturn, enter it, my dear d'Epinay, for you will soon benumbered as one of the family. I, as a philosopher, shouldlike a little country-house, a cottage down there under thetrees, without so many free-stones over my poor body. Indying, I will say to those around me what Voltaire wrote toPiron: `Eo rus, and all will be over.' But come, Franz, takecourage, your wife is an heiress."
5、  "And you have a letter?"




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      "It was and the feast that began so gayly had a verysorrowful ending; a police commissary, followed by foursoldiers, entered, and Dantes was arrested."

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       "Only that? It's little enough "

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      "I cannot help doubting," answered Danglars with his stupidsmile.

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    {  It was something terrible to witness the silent agony, themute despair of Noirtier, whose tears silently rolled downhis cheeks. Villefort retired to his study, and d'Avrignyleft to summon the doctor of the mayoralty, whose office itis to examine bodies after decease, and who is expresslynamed "the doctor of the dead." M. Noirtier could not bepersuaded to quit his grandchild. At the end of a quarter ofan hour M. d'Avrigny returned with his associate; they foundthe outer gate closed, and not a servant remaining in thehouse; Villefort himself was obliged to open to them. But hestopped on the landing; he had not the courage to againvisit the death chamber. The two doctors, therefore, enteredthe room alone. Noirtier was near the bed, pale, motionless,and silent as the corpse. The district doctor approachedwith the indifference of a man accustomed to spend half histime amongst the dead; he then lifted the sheet which wasplaced over the face, and just unclosed the lips.

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      "Nay," interposed Madame de Villefort, on whom theauthoritative style adopted by the count made a deepimpression, "nay, but consider that to preserve my life hehas risked his own."}

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      "Reverend sir!"

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      "You talk like a noodle, my friend," said Caderousse; "andhere is Danglars, who is a wide-awake, clever, deep fellow,who will prove to you that you are wrong. Prove it,Danglars. I have answered for you. Say there is no need whyDantes should die; it would, indeed, be a pity he should.Dantes is a good fellow; I like Dantes. Dantes, yourhealth."

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       "Indeed?" said Albert.

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    {  "Indeed, no," said Chateau-Renaud -- "Did you know her?"

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      "There are no horses." Albert looked at Franz like a man whohears a reply he does not understand.