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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  There was so much serenity, coolness, mildness even, in the voiceof the young man, that Milady felt reassured.
2.  "You are sure it is not he?" said she.
3.  Mme. Bonacieux made no reply; but her heart beat with joy andsecret hope shone in her eyes.
4.  It was evident that without suspecting it, and actuatedsolely by their chivalrous and adventurous character, ourthree friends had just rendered a service to someone thecardinal honored with his special protection.
5.  "Listen," said he to him. "When you have given the letterto Lord de Winter and he has read it, you will further sayto him: Watch over his Grace Lord Buckingham, for they wishto assassinate him. But this, Planchet, is so serious andimportant that I have not informed my friends that I wouldentrust this secret to you; and for a captain's commission Iwould not write it."
6.  "I will see this young, Treville--I will see him; and if anythingcan be done--well, we will make it our business.""When will your Majesty deign to receive him?"


1.  "Fortunately, she is far off," said Porthos, "for I confessshe would worry me if she were here."
2.  Then he had made himself another enemy, less to be feared,he thought; but nevertheless, he instinctively felt, not tobe despised. This enemy was Milady.
3.  "Yes, you! I know you now. You are Madame Bonacieux!"The young woman drew back, filled with surprise and terror."Oh, do not deny it! Answer!" continued Milady.
4.  "Yes, Count," said Milady, in her softest voice, andpressing his hand in her own, "I am happy in the love whichyour looks and your words have expressed to me every time wehave met. I also--I love you. Oh, tomorrow, tomorrow, Imust have some pledge from you which will prove that youthink of me; and that you may not forget me, take this!" andshe slipped a ring from her finger onto D'Artagnan's.D'Artagnan remembered having seen this ring on the finger ofMilady; it was a magnificent sapphire, encircled withbrilliants.
5.  "All this will not advance your outfit," said Athos; "for ifI am not mistaken, you have left the best of your apparelwith Milady, and she will certainly not have the politenessto return it to you. Fortunately, you have the sapphire.""The jewel is yours, my dear Athos! Did you not tell me itwas a family jewel?"
6.  "Well?" asked D'Artagnan.


1.  "Golden dreams!" cried Aramis. "Oh, beautiful life! Yes, weare young; yes, we shall yet have happy days! My love, myblood, my life! all, all, all, are thine, my adoredmistress!"
2.  "She is in prison?"
3.  "Monsieur Porthos gave us a note for his duchess, ordering us toput it in the post. This was before his servant came. As hecould not leave his chamber, it was necessary to charge us withthis commission."
4.  "No doubt some invisible witness had seen me draw the water fromthat fountain, and had taken advantage of my confidence in it,the better to assure my ruin, so coolly resolved upon, so cruellypursued.
5.   "Where is their road?"
6.  "Fortune is a courtesan; favorable yesterday, she may turnher back tomorrow."


1.  "Frankly and loyally," repeated Milady, with an unspeakableexpression of duplicity.
2.  "He is better," said the host, "he fainted quite away.""Indeed!" said the gentleman.
3.  "Would you like to have a physician called?" said the woman.Felton listened to this dialogue without speaking a word.Milady reflected that the more people she had around her the moreshe would have to work upon, and Lord de Winter would redoublehis watch. Besides, the physician might declare the ailmentfeigned; and Milady, after having lost the first trick, was notwilling to lose the second.
4、  "What's that?"
5、  "Exactly so."




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      Instead of returning directly home, D'Artagnan alighted at thedoor of M. de Treville, and ran quickly up the stairs. This timehe had decided to relate all that had passed. M. de Trevillewould doubtless give him good advice as to the whole affair.Besides, as M. de Treville saw the queen almost daily, he mightbe able to draw from her Majesty some intelligence of the pooryoung woman, whom they were doubtless making pay very dearly forher devotedness to her mistress.

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      "Hold! I must have lost it," said the young man maliciously,pretending to search for it. "But fortunately the world is asepulcher; the men, and consequently the women, are but shadows,and love is a sentiment to which you cry, 'Fie! Fie!'""D'Artagnan, D'Artagnan," cried Aramis, "you are killing me!""Well, here it is at last!" said D'Artagnan, as he drew theletter from his pocket.

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       They arrived at the drinking room of the Parpaillot. It wasseven o'clock in the morning, and daylight began to appear.The three friends ordered breakfast, and went into a room inwhich the host said they would not be disturbed.

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      "Oh!" said D'Artagnan, "this is rather warm; it appears thatMilady and I are anxious about the health of the sameperson. Well, Planchet, how is the good Monsieur de Wardes?He is not dead, then?"

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    {  "That he may be at ease."

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      The two men smiled at each other, shook hands, and saluted his Eminence."We were beginning to grow impatient," said Athos."Here I am, my friends," replied D'Artagnan; "not only free, but infavor."}

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      "And what is that?" asked Milady.

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      Felton, as pale as death, remained some instants with his earbent and listening; then, when the sound was quite extinct, hebreathed like a man awaking from a dream, and rushed out of theapartment.

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       They rose about eight o'clock in the winter, about six in summer,and went to take the countersign and see how things went on at M.de Treville's. D'Artagnan, although he was not a Musketeer,performed the duty of one with remarkable punctuality. He wenton guard because he always kept company with whoever of hisfriends was on duty. He was well known at the Hotel of theMusketeers, where everyone considered him a good comrade. M. deTreville, who had appreciated him at the first glance and whobore him a real affection, never ceased recommending him to theking.

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    {  "My dear Athos, I shall no longer count the number of timesI am indebted to you for my life."

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      There only remained in the closet of the wounded duke Laporte andPatrick. A physician was sought for, but none was yet found."You will live, my Lord, you will live!" repeated the faithful servantof Anne of Austria, on his knees before the duke's sofa."What has she written to me?" said Buckingham, feebly, streaming withblood, and suppressing his agony to speak of her he loved, "what has shewritten to me? Read me her letter."