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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Well, she's going out more," concluded his wife, but the tone ofhis voice impressed her as containing something she had not heardthere before.
2.  "Well, and I mean it too, but it takes money to live as I wantto. Now, when I get this increase, I can come pretty near fixingthings all right, and I'll do it. Now, don't you worry, girlie."
3.  Hurstwood sat and read by his radiator in the corner. He did nottry to think about his need of work. This storm being soterrific, and tying up all things, robbed him of the need. Hemade himself wholly comfortable and toasted his feet.
4.  "Fifty dollars."
5.  "You stick to me and we'll have a coach," laughed Drouet.
6.  Hurstwood was looking into the paper. He could not see the lookof infinite weariness and discontent Carrie gave him.


1.  "Well, when did you go on the stage, anyhow?" inquired Drouet.
2.  "No," said Carrie, who was stirring a pan at the stove.
3.  "I've nothing to do with it. You'll have to ask inside."
4.  "I don't know what it is about music," she started to say, movedby the inexplicable longings which surged within her; "but italways makes me feel as if I wanted something--I----"
5.  In the afternoon some boxes were to be moved to make room for newculinary supplies. He was ordered to handle a truck.Encountering a big box, he could not lift it.
6.  "Now, you must do your best to please me," he said encouragingly."Just remember that I want you to succeed. We will make theperformance worth while. You do that now."


1.  Hurstwood said nothing. To him the big trunk hustler was asubject for private contempt.
2.  "I'm so tired," said Carrie, leaning back in the car when Drouetbegan to talk.
3.  He did not intend to say any more. Now, if he should appear onthe scene with a few friends, he could say that he had been urgedto come along. Drouet had a desire to wipe out the possibilityof confusion.
4.  "Well, keep your mouth still then. Now, all together again."
5.   "Wha--what's the matter?" said Minnie, drowsily.
6.  In the same house with her lived an official of one of thetheatres, Mr. Frank A. Hale, manager of the Standard, and hiswife, a pleasing-looking brunette of thirty-five. They werepeople of a sort very common in America today, who liverespectably from hand to mouth. Hale received a salary of forty-five dollars a week. His wife, quite attractive, affected thefeeling of youth, and objected to that sort of home life whichmeans the care of a house and the raising of a family. LikeDrouet and Carrie, they also occupied three rooms on the floorabove.


1.  The result was miraculous so far as Carrie's fortune wasconcerned. Even during the morning she received a congratulatorymessage from the manager.
2.  At the stable he picked a gentle horse, and they were soon out ofrange of either public observation or hearing.
3.  His manner as he said this was the most quiet imaginable. Hisface and body retained utter composure. Only his eyes moved, andthey flashed a subtle, dissolving fire. In them the wholeintensity of the man's nature was distilling itself.
4、  "Yes," answered Carrie, mildly, overwhelmed by the man'sassurance.
5、  "How do people get on the stage, George?" she finally asked,innocently.




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      Tuesday came, and with it appropriate indecision and speculation.She was in no mood, after her failure of the day before, tohasten forth upon her work-seeking errand, and yet she rebukedherself for what she considered her weakness the day before.Accordingly she started out to revisit the Chicago Opera House,but possessed scarcely enough courage to approach.

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      Now the conductor entered the car and took up the one or twofares that had been added at Chicago. He approached Hurstwood,who handed out the tickets. Poised as she was to act, Carriemade no move. She did not look about.

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       "Ah, such little feet," said the leather of the soft new shoes;"how effectively I cover them. What a pity they should ever wantmy aid."

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      He only said this in his anger, but it prefigured a possiblecourse of action and attitude well enough.

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    {  Drouet, all the time, was conducting himself in a model way forone of his sort. He took her about a great deal, spent moneyupon her, and when he travelled took her with him. There weretimes when she would be alone for two or three days, while hemade the shorter circuits of his business, but, as a rule, shesaw a great deal of him.

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      Young Hurstwood, Jr., was in his twentieth year, and was alreadyconnected in a promising capacity with a large real estate firm.He contributed nothing for the domestic expenses of the family,but was thought to be saving his money to invest in real estate.He had some ability, considerable vanity, and a love of pleasurethat had not, as yet, infringed upon his duties, whatever theywere. He came in and went out, pursuing his own plans andfancies, addressing a few words to his mother occasionally,relating some little incident to his father, but for the mostpart confining himself to those generalities with which mostconversation concerns itself. He was not laying bare his desiresfor any one to see. He did not find any one in the house whoparticularly cared to see.}

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      "No, I wasn't," he answered.

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      "Sister Carrie has gone to live somewhere else."

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       Carrie had none of the small deception which could feel one thingand say something directly opposed. She would prevaricate, butit would be in the line of her feelings at least. So instead ofcomplaining when she felt so good, she said:

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    {  They visited one of the better restaurants for a social chat. Itwas five in the afternoon when they met; it was seven-thirtybefore the last bone was picked.

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      "I don't care to go," he returned. "What does she want to see?"