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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "He did; saying at the same time, `You see I thus destroythe only proof existing against you.'"
2.  "At any rate," said she, "since I am to be married whether Iwill or not, I ought to be thankful to providence for havingreleased me from my engagement with M. Albert de Morcerf, orI should this day have been the wife of a dishonored man."
3.  "The truth, my dear count. Oh, how happy you must be in nothaving either wife or children!"
4.  "And Beppo led him outside the walls?" said the count.
5.  "Yes, sir," replied Julie with hesitation; "what is yourpleasure? I do not know you."
6.  "But you'll die of hunger," said the patron.


1.  "Listen -- when one bears an irreproachable name, as I do,one is rather sensitive."
2.  "By no means, my dear duke; but just stretch out your hand."
3.  "Ah," said Valentine in a mournful tone, "do let me see thisman, Maximilian; he may tell me whether I shall ever beloved sufficiently to make amends for all I have suffered."
4.  "Mine?" exclaimed the man, half-suffocated.
5.  "`Extract from the Report of a meeting of the BonapartistClub in the Rue Saint-Jacques, held February 5th, 1815.'"
6.  "He is worse than that, -- he is a devil!" returned theturnkey.


1.  "Now, then, in this difficulty a bright idea has flashedacross my brain." Franz looked at Albert as though he hadnot much confidence in the suggestions of his imagination."I tell you what, Sir Franz," cried Albert, "you deserve tobe called out for such a misgiving and incredulous glance asthat you were pleased to bestow on me just now."
2.  "I know it, madame," replied the count; "but we are inFrance, and not in Arabia, and in France eternal friendshipsare as rare as the custom of dividing bread and salt withone another."
3.  "Why should I?"
4.  Haidee's arms fell by her side, and she uttered a deepgroan, at the same time looking towards the count as if toask if he were satisfied with her obedience to his commands.Monte Cristo arose and approached her, took her hand, andsaid to her in Romaic, "Calm yourself, my dear child, andtake courage in remembering that there is a God who willpunish traitors."
5.   "You are right; and now I wish to see him on an affair ofgreat importance. Do you think it will be long before hecomes in?"
6.  "That's right, that's right, Dantes! I see you are athoroughly good fellow, and will detain you no longer. Go,for I see how impatient you are."


1.  "I never joke with bankers," said Monte Cristo in a freezingmanner, which repelled impertinence; and he turned to thedoor, just as the valet de chambre announced, -- "M. deBoville, receiver-general of the charities."
2.  "Yes, but listen: this was not all. The war with Spain beingended, Fernand's career was checked by the long peace whichseemed likely to endure throughout Europe. Greece only hadrisen against Turkey, and had begun her war of independence;all eyes were turned towards Athens -- it was the fashion topity and support the Greeks. The French government, withoutprotecting them openly, as you know, gave countenance tovolunteer assistance. Fernand sought and obtained leave togo and serve in Greece, still having his name kept on thearmy roll. Some time after, it was stated that the Comte deMorcerf (this was the name he bore) had entered the serviceof Ali Pasha with the rank of instructor-general. Ali Pashawas killed, as you know, but before he died he recompensedthe services of Fernand by leaving him a considerable sum,with which he returned to France, when he was gazettedlieutenant-general."
3.  "`"Because, sir," said the president, "you have insulted aman, and that man will not go one step farther withoutdemanding honorable reparation."
4、  "When they tell me such things, I only shrug my shouldersand say nothing."
5、  "Why, you see, he has a good understanding with theshepherds in the plains, the fishermen of the Tiber, and thesmugglers of the coast. They seek for him in the mountains,and he is on the waters; they follow him on the waters, andhe is on the open sea; then they pursue him, and he hassuddenly taken refuge in the islands, at Giglio, Guanouti,or Monte Cristo; and when they hunt for him there, hereappears suddenly at Albano, Tivoli, or La Riccia."




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      "Then it will be but charitable to inform him. When hearrives, I will not fail to do so."

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      "My worthy Cocles," said Morrel in a tone impossible todescribe, "do you remain in the ante-chamber. When thegentleman who came three months ago -- the agent of Thomson& French -- arrives, announce his arrival to me." Coclesmade no reply; he made a sign with his head, went into theanteroom, and seated himself. Morrel fell back in his chair,his eyes fixed on the clock; there were seven minutes left,that was all. The hand moved on with incredible rapidity, heseemed to see its motion.

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       "And I again repeat, you shall not commit suicide."

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    {  Horticulture seemed, however, to have been abandoned in thedeserted kitchen-garden; and where cabbages, carrots,radishes, pease, and melons had once flourished, a scantycrop of lucerne alone bore evidence of its being deemedworthy of cultivation. A small, low door gave egress fromthe walled space we have been describing into the projectedstreet, the ground having been abandoned as unproductive byits various renters, and had now fallen so completely ingeneral estimation as to return not even the one-half percent it had originally paid. Towards the house thechestnut-trees we have before mentioned rose high above thewall, without in any way affecting the growth of otherluxuriant shrubs and flowers that eagerly dressed forward tofill up the vacant spaces, as though asserting their rightto enjoy the boon of light and air. At one corner, where thefoliage became so thick as almost to shut out day, a largestone bench and sundry rustic seats indicated that thissheltered spot was either in general favor or particular useby some inhabitant of the house, which was faintlydiscernible through the dense mass of verdure that partiallyconcealed it, though situated but a hundred paces off.

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      "Ah, is there a secret spring?" said Valentine.}

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      "Thank you," said the young man.

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      "Morrel? Do they know him?" asked Chateau-Renaud. "I thinkhe has only been introduced to Madame de Villefort."

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       "That, too, is impossible."

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    {  "Is this carriage for me?" said Dantes.

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      "So much the better, for I must leave you; but I carry yourword with me, do I not?"