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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Caderousse, scarcely yet relying on this promise, put hislegs out of the window and stood on the ladder. "Now godown," said the abbe, folding his arms. Understanding he hadnothing more to fear from him, Caderousse began to go down.Then the count brought the taper to the window, that itmight be seen in the Champs-Elysees that a man was gettingout of the window while another held a light.
2.  "You have heard, perhaps," said the Comte de Salvieux, oneof M. de Saint-Meran's oldest friends, and chamberlain tothe Comte d'Artois, "that the Holy Alliance purpose removinghim from thence?"
3.  "Maximilian," said the count, "let us both lay aside themask we have assumed. You no more deceive me with that falsecalmness than I impose upon you with my frivoloussolicitude. You can understand, can you not, that to haveacted as I have done, to have broken that glass, to haveintruded on the solitude of a friend -- you can understandthat, to have done all this, I must have been actuated byreal uneasiness, or rather by a terrible conviction. Morrel,you are going to destroy yourself!"
4.  It was not poverty which had broken her spirit; it was not awant of courage which rendered her poverty burdensome.Mercedes, although deposed from the exalted position she hadoccupied, lost in the sphere she had now chosen, like aperson passing from a room splendidly lighted into utterdarkness, appeared like a queen, fallen from her palace to ahovel, and who, reduced to strict necessity, could neitherbecome reconciled to the earthen vessels she was herselfforced to place upon the table, nor to the humble palletwhich had become her bed. The beautiful Catalane and noblecountess had lost both her proud glance and charming smile,because she saw nothing but misery around her; the wallswere hung with one of the gray papers which economicallandlords choose as not likely to show the dirt; the floorwas uncarpeted; the furniture attracted the attention to thepoor attempt at luxury; indeed, everything offended eyesaccustomed to refinement and elegance.
5.  "l said there were no fixed habitations on it, but I saidalso that it served sometimes as a harbor for smugglers."
6.  "Yes," replied the count; "a felon named Caderousse."Danglars turned slightly pale; Andrea reached the anteroombeyond the little drawing-room.


1.  "Have you any objection to meet any persons who may be withmadame, or do you desire to preserve a strict incognito?"
2.  "How do you know?"
3.  "No." replied the captain, "but we must warn your excellencythat the island is an infected port."
4.  "`"Another method of assassination?" said the general,shrugging his shoulders.
5.  "Say not so; you can console and support me by the strengthof your own powerful mind. Pray let me know who you reallyare?"
6.  "What example?"


1.  "Yes, sir," said the major, "she has" --
2.  "Ah," interrupted Morcerf, laughing, "Beauchamp, Beauchamp,keep that for the Corsaire or the Charivari, but spare myfuture father-in-law before me." Then, turning to MonteCristo, "You just now spoke his name as if you knew thebaron?"
3.  "About six or seven and twenty years of age, I should say."
4.  "Tell me, at least, who you are?"
5.   "No."
6.  "Such words as those belong to your profession," answeredCaderousse, "and you do well to repeat them; but," added he,with a bitter expression of countenance, "one is free tobelieve them or not, as one pleases."


1.  The matter was no longer doubtful. Something was at work onthe other side of the wall; the prisoner had discovered thedanger, and had substituted a lever for a chisel.
2.  "Well," asked he, as soon as they were by themselves, "tellme what it is?"
3.  "Danglars."
4、  "Oh, it is not that; he has plenty, and to spare, forsupper; but he makes one condition, and rather a peculiarone, before he will receive you at his house."
5、  When he believed that the right moment had arrived, he tookthe knife, pried open the teeth, which offered lessresistance than before, counted one after the other twelvedrops, and watched; the phial contained, perhaps, twice asmuch more. He waited ten minutes, a quarter of an hour, halfan hour, -- no change took place. Trembling, his hair erect,his brow bathed with perspiration, he counted the seconds bythe beating of his heart. Then he thought it was time tomake the last trial, and he put the phial to the purple lipsof Faria, and without having occasion to force open hisjaws, which had remained extended, he poured the whole ofthe liquid down his throat.




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      "Oh," said the countess to Franz, "go with all speed -- pooryoung man! Perhaps some accident has happened to him."

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      "The name of M. Noirtier," interposed Maximilian, "iscelebrated throughout Europe; he was a statesman of highstanding, and you may or may not know, Valentine, that hetook a leading part in every Bonapartist conspiracy set onfoot during the restoration of the Bourbons."

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       "How does that annoy you?"

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      "Of course -- of course," said the prisoners; -- "any onecan see he's a gentleman!"

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    {  "It is desirable I should know the real cause."

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      "But how the devil would you have me retire on twelvehundred francs?"}

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      "In prison, sire."

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      "You?" said Madame Danglars.

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       "I am going on a journey, dear child," said Monte Cristo,with an expression of infinite tenderness and melancholy;"and if any misfortune should happen to me"

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    {  "With Madame Danglars?"

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      The Count of Monte Cristo offered his arm to Madame deVillefort. "M. de Villefort," he said, "will you conduct theBaroness Danglars?"