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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  That you are master here is obvious quite; To do your will, I'll cordially essay;Only reflect! The hill is magic - mad to - night; And if to show the path youchoose a meteor's light, You must not wonder should we go astray.Faust, Mephistopheles, Ignis Fatuus (in alternate song)Through the dream and magic - sphere, As it seems, we now are speeding;Honour win, us rightly leading, That betimes we may appear In yon wide anddesert region!
2.  Faust
3.  Witches And Wizards Chorus - Visions And DancesWitches (in chorus)
4.  Walpurgis - Night
5.  Faust
6.  Not in the presence of a crowned king!


1.  And mine she show'd me also in the glass, A soldier's figure, with companionsbold; I look around, I seek him as I pass, In vain, his form I nowhere canbehold.
2.  Voices
3.  Where am I? What a beauteous land!
4.  A truce to words, mere empty sound, Let deeds at length appear, my friends!While idle compliments you round, You might achieve some useful ends. Whytalk of the poetic vein? Who hesitates will never know it; If bards ye are, asye maintain, Now let your inspiration show it. To you is known what werequire, Strong drink to sip is our desire; Come, brew me such without delay!To - morrow sees undone, what happens not to - day; Still forward press,nor ever tire! The possible, with steadfast trust, Resolve should be theforelock grasp; Then she will ne'er let go her clasp, And labours on, becauseshe must.
5.  I beg most humbly to salute The gallant with the cloven foot! Let him a . . .have ready here, If he a . . . does not fear.
6.  Like any Frenchman now you speak, But do not fret, I pray; why seek Tohurry to enjoyment straight? The pleasure is not half so great, As when at firstaround, above, With all the fooleries of love, The puppet you can knead andmould As in Italian story oft is told.


1.  The He - Monkey (approaching and fawning on Mephistopheles)Quick! quick! throw the dice, Make me rich in a trice, Oh give me the prize!Alas, for myself! Had I plenty of pelf, I then should be wise.Mephistopheles
2.  (Aside, glancing at Mephistopheles,)
3.  I pray you do!
4.  Siebel
5.   Do I a magic atmosphere inhale? Erewhile, my passion would not brookdelay! Now in a pure love - dream I melt away. Are we the sport of everypassing gale?
6.  Mephistopheles


1.  The Neighbour's House - Martha, Margaret And MephistophelesMartha (alone)
2.  Gossip! For wares like these the time's gone by, What's done is past! what'spast is done! With novelties your booth supply; Us novelties attract alone.Faust
3.  Ah, if I slept alone! To - night The bolt I fain would leave undrawn for thee;But then my mother's sleep is light, Were we surprised by her, ah me! Uponthe spot I should be dead.
4、  Thou nam'st thyself a part, and yet a whole I see.Mephistopheles
5、  Mephistopheles (in Faust's long gown)




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      Most sensual, supersensualist? The while A damsel leads thee by the nose!Faust

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      If you have nothing better to suggest, Against you plan I must at once protest.Mephistopheles

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       Of purgatorial fire as yet 'tis but a drop.

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      It now at least must be confessed, That poets sometimes are sincere.(The caldron which the She - Monkey has neglected begins to boil over; agreat flame arises, which streams up the chimney. The Witch comes down thechimney with horrible cries.)

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    {  Mephistopheles

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      Fair lady, may I thus make free To offer you my arm and company?Margaret}

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      And had you naught besides to bring?

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    {  Martha

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      Oh, credit me, who still as ages roll, Have chew'd this bitter fare from year toyear, No mortal, from the cradle to the bier, Digests the ancient leaven!Know, this Whole Doth for the Deity alone subsist! He in eternal brightnessdoth exist, Us unto darkness he hath brought, and here Where day and nightalternate, is your sphere.