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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Muster up all your courage, then, for never have yourequired it more." Albert passed his hand over his forehead,as if to try his strength, as a man who is preparing todefend his life proves his shield and bends his sword. Hethought himself strong enough, for he mistook fever forenergy. "Go on," said he.
2.  "Then I have only to make arrangements for the duel," saidBeauchamp.
3.  "Yes, for it is like one; pray let us come more to thepoint, and endeavor thoroughly to understand each other."
4.  "By a letter addressed to you from the Island of Elba."
5.  "And this king's attorney was named Villefort?" asked MonteCristo carelessly.
6.  "And what is your excellency's project?"


1.  "Here I am," said Vampa, instantly appearing; "what do youwant?"
2.  He still felt the same self-satisfaction which he hadexperienced the previous evening, and which had procured himso good a night's rest. He was luxuriously stretched in agood English calash, with double springs; he was drawn byfour good horses, at full gallop; he knew the relay to be ata distance of seven leagues. What subject of meditationcould present itself to the banker, so fortunately becomebankrupt?
3.  "Behind my bed."
4.  "Well, be it so. You have continued your course of villany;you have robbed -- you have assassinated."
5.  "Gentlemen," said the Count of Monte Cristo as he entered,"I pray you excuse me for suffering my visit to beanticipated; but I feared to disturb you by presentingmyself earlier at your apartments; besides, you sent me wordthat you would come to me, and I have held myself at yourdisposal."
6.  "And how have I broken that treaty, your excellency?"


1.  "I will be there." -- At this moment Madame de Villefortapproached. "Thanks, my dear friend," said Madame Danglars,trying to smile; "it is over now, and I am much better."
2.  "Worthy Caderousse!" said the old man, "he is so muchattached to us."
3.  "I assure you he is my most intimate friend, and M. deChateau-Renaud has also the honor of his acquaintance."
4.  "Sire, the kindness your majesty deigns to evince towards meis a recompense which so far surpasses my utmost ambitionthat I have nothing more to ask for."
5.   "I am glad to be reassured on that point. Apropos, when doyou aspect M. d'Epinay?"
6.  "A wealthy signor, who travels for his pleasure."


1.  "No," replied the count; "I take pleasure in saying that youhave served me faithfully, Bertuccio; but you might haveshown more confidence in me."
2.  Villefort had, as we have said, hastened back to Madame deSaint-Meran's in the Place du Grand Cours, and on enteringthe house found that the guests whom he had left at tablewere taking coffee in the salon. Renee was, with all therest of the company, anxiously awaiting him, and hisentrance was followed by a general exclamation.
3.  "Come," said Madame Danglars, "leave music and compliments,and let us go and take tea."
4、  "Who is he?"
5、  And Villefort's father extended his hand to the bell-rope,to summon the servant whom his son had not called. Villefortcaught his arm.




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      "Devotion!" said Villefort, with a sneer.

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      "You are convinced now, Edmond, are you not?" asked theabbe. "Depend upon it, I know what I say. Since the firstattack I experienced of this malady, I have continuallyreflected on it. Indeed, I expected it, for it is a familyinheritance; both my father and grandfather died of it in athird attack. The physician who prepared for me the remedy Ihave twice successfully taken, was no other than thecelebrated Cabanis, and he predicted a similar end for me."

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       "Well; what of the postscript?"

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      "From whom?"

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    {  "Cucumetto departed, without losing sight of Carlini, for,doubtless, he feared lest he should strike him unawares; butnothing betrayed a hostile design on Carlini's part. He wasstanding, his arms folded, near Rita, who was stillinsensible. Cucumetto fancied for a moment the young man wasabout to take her in his arms and fly; but this matteredlittle to him now Rita had been his; and as for the money,three hundred piastres distributed among the band was sosmall a sum that he cared little about it. He continued tofollow the path to the glade; but, to his great surprise,Carlini arrived almost as soon as himself. `Let us drawlots! let us draw lots!' cried all the brigands, when theysaw the chief.

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      "Oh, yes; do you pretend that all this has been unobservedat the minister's?" said Beauchamp, placing his eye-glass inhis eye, where he tried to make it remain.}

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      "Come, come," continued the count, "I see you are still thesame, -- an assassin."

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      "I know nothing." said M. d'Avrigny.

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       "Ah, true. Well; I shall rent a room in some respectablehouse, wear a decent coat, shave every day, and go and readthe papers in a cafe. Then, in the evening, I shall go tothe theatre; I shall look like some retired baker. That iswhat I want."

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    {  "Madame," interrupted the count, taking her two hands inhis, "all that you could say in words would never expresswhat I read in your eyes; the thoughts of your heart arefully understood by mine. Like benefactors in romances, Ishould have left you without seeing you again, but thatwould have been a virtue beyond my strength, because I am aweak and vain man, fond of the tender, kind, and thankfulglances of my fellow-creatures. On the eve of departure Icarry my egotism so far as to say, `Do not forget me, mykind friends, for probably you will never see me again.'"

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      "Dangerous! -- and why?"