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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "If she wrote the note she was presumably the friend and confederateof Garcia. What, then, might she be expected to do if she heard of hisdeath? If he met it in some nefarious enterprise her lips might besealed. Still, in her heart, she must retain bitterness and hatredagainst those who had killed him and would presumably help so far asshe could to have revenge upon them. Could we see her, then, and tryto use her? That was my first thought. But now we come to a sinisterfact. Miss Burnet has not been seen by any human eye since the nightof the murder. From that evening she has utterly vanished. Is shealive? Has she perhaps met her end on the same night as the friendwhom she had summoned? Or is she merely a prisoner? There is the pointwhich we still have to decide.
2.  "But the letter had also a greater distance to come."
3.  "You have done wisely," said my friend. "But have you told me all?""Yes, all."
4.  "It is no ordinary one."
5.  Here I could only make sense by putting T and G for the missingletters, and supposing that the name was that of some house or innat which the writer was staying."
6.  It was on a bitterly cold night and frosty morning, towards theend of the winter of '97, that I was awakened by a tugging at myshoulder. It was Holmes. The candle in his hand shone upon hiseager, stooping face, and told me at a glance that something wasamiss.


1.  "I am sure of it Mr. Scott Eccles- I am sure of it," saidInspector Gregson in a very amiable tone. "I am bound to say thateverything which you have said agrees very closely with the facts asthey have come to our notice. For example, there was that note whicharrived during dinner. Did you chance to observe what became of it?""Yes, I did. Garcia rolled it up and threw it into the fire.""What do you say to that, Mr. Baynes?"
2.  "By George!" cried Lestrade. "If he answers that we've got him!""That was my idea when I put it in. I think if you could both makeit convenient to come with us about eight o'clock to Caulfield Gardenswe might possibly get a little nearer to a solution."
3.  "What is that?" asked Holmes suddenly.
4.  He was incoherent in his agitation. Holmes soothed him with a fewwords and thrust him into an armchair.
5.  "Don't be hurt, my dear fellow. You know that I am quite impersonal.No one else would have done better. Some possibly not so well. Butclearly you have missed some vital points. What is the opinion ofthe neighbours about this man Amberley and his wife? That surely is ofimportance. What of Dr. Ernest? Was he the gay Lothario one wouldexpect? With your natural advantages, Watson, every lady is yourhelper and accomplice. What about the girl at the post-office, orthe wife of the greengrocer? I can picture you whispering softnothings with the young lady at the Blue Anchor, and receiving hardsomethings in exchange. All this you have left undone.""It can still be done."
6.  "Tropical by birth and tropical by nature. A child of the sun and ofpassion. She had loved him as such women can love, but when her ownphysical charms had faded- I am told that they once were great-there was nothing to hold him. We all liked her and felt for her andhated him for the way that he treated her. But he is plausible andcunning. That is all I have to say to you. Don't take him at hisface value. There is more behind. Now I'll go. No, no, don't detainme! He is almost due."


1.  It was an old acquaintance, Inspector Morton, of Scotland Yard,dressed in unofficial tweeds.
2.  .
3.  "It is unfortunately more than possible, it is certain. Neitheryou nor your son knew the true character of this man when you admittedhim into your family circle. He is one of the most dangerous men inEngland-a ruined gambler, an absolutely desperate villain, a manwithout heart or conscience. Your niece knew nothing of such men. Whenhe breathed his vows to her, as he had done to a hundred before her,she flattered herself that she alone had touched his heart. Thedevil knows best what he said, but at least she became his tool andwas in the habit of seeing him nearly every evening."
4.  "Oh, Mr. Sherlock Holmes!" she cried, glancing from one to the otherof us, and finally, with a woman's quick intuition, fastening uponmy companion, "I am so glad that you have come. I have driven downto tell you so. I know that James didn't do it. I know it, and Iwant you to start upon your work knowing it, too. Never let yourselfdoubt upon that point. We have known each other since we were littlechildren, and I know his faults as no one else does; but he is tootenderhearted to hurt a fly. Such a charge is absurd to anyone whoreally knows him."
5.   "Have you heard the news, sir?" he gasped. "At the Cunningham's,sir!"
6.  "Why do you think so?"


1.  "'Do you know who it was that we let into the house that day?'"'I have no idea.'
2.  "Was Mr. Staunton a healthy man?"
3.  "Was he in the master's class?"
4、  Its disappearance, however, was but momentary. With a
5、  "Old Trevor was evidently a man of some wealth and consideration,a J. P., and a landed proprietor. Donnithorpe is a little hamletjust to the north of Langmere, in the country of the Broads. The housewas an old-fashioned, widespread, oakbeamed brick building, with afine lime-lined avenue leading up to it. There was excellent wild-duckshooting in the fens, remarkably good fishing, a small but selectlibrary, taken over, as I understood, from a former occupant, and atolerable cook, so that he would be a fastidious man who could not putin a pleasant month there.




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      "I presume that you do not go so far as to assert that I summonedyou?"

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      The big Rugby three-quarter was trembling all over. Holmes put hishand soothingly upon his arm.

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       "The two McCarthys were seen after the time when William Crowder,the game-keeper, lost sight of them. The Boscombe Pool is thicklywooded round, with just a fringe of grass and of reeds round the edge.A girl of fourteen, Patience Moran, who is the daughter of thelodge-keeper of the Boscombe Valley estate, was in one of the woodspicking flowers. She states that while she was there she saw, at theborder of the wood and close by the lake, Mr. McCarthy and his son,and that they appeared to be having a violent quarrel. She heard Mr.McCarthy the elder using very strong language to his son, and shesaw the latter raise up his hand as if to strike his father. She wasso frightened by their violence that she ran away and told hermother when she reached home that she had left the two McCarthysquarrelling near Boscombe Pool, and that she was afraid that they weregoing to fight. She had hardly said the words when young Mr.McCarthy came running up to the lodge to say that he had found hisfather dead in the wood, and to ask for the help of thelodge-keeper. He was much excited, without either his gun or hishat, and his right hand and sleeve were observed to be stained withfresh blood. On following him they found the dead body stretched outupon the grass beside the pool. The head had been beaten in byrepeated blows of some heavy and blunt weapon. The injuries weresuch as might very well have been inflicted by the butt-end of hisson's gun, which was found lying on the grass within a few paces ofthe body. Under these circumstances the young man was instantlyarrested, and a verdict of 'wilful murder' having been returned at theinquest on Tuesday, he was on Wednesday brought before the magistratesat Ross, who have referred the case to the next Assizes. Those are themain facts of the case as they came out before the coroner and thepolice-court."

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      "Terrible! She is even more affected than I."

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    {  "Let us look at it. Halloa, halloa! What is this?"

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      Holmes nodded.}

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      "Sir James, sir!" said he with solemn face. "Sir James died thismorning."

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      He had refilled his pipe and resumed his seat, taking no notice ofmy comment.

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       "It suits my purpose. Watson, I mean to burgle Milverton's houseto-night."

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    {  She had risen, but she fell back again with a little cry of pain."I must finish," she said. "When my term was over I set myself toget the diary and letters which, if sent to the Russian government,would procure my friend's release. I knew that my husband had cometo England. After months of searching I discovered where he was. Iknew that he still had the diary, for when I was in Siberia I had aletter from him once, reproaching me and quoting some passages fromits pages. Yet I was sure that, with his revengeful nature, he wouldnever give it to me of his own free-will. I must get it for myself.With this object I engaged an agent from a private detective firm, whoentered my husband's house as a secretary- it was your secondsecretary, Sergius, the one who left you so hurriedly. He found thatpapers were kept in the cupboard, and he got an impression of the key.He would not go farther. He furnished me with a plan of the house, andhe told me that in the forenoon the study was always empty, as thesecretary was employed up here. So at last I took my courage in bothhands, and I came down to get the papers for myself. I succeeded;but at what a cost!

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      "Well, you can hear what I say, anyhow. Listen now! Can you rememberany unusual incident in your life just about the time your symptomsbegan?"