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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  And the nine combatants rushed upon each other with a fury whichhowever did not exclude a certain degree of method.Athos fixed upon a certain Cahusac, a favorite of the cardinal's.Porthos had Bicarat, and Aramis found himself opposed to twoadversaries. As to D'Artagnan, he sprang toward Jussac himself.The heart of the young Gascon beat as if it would burst throughhis side--not from fear, God he thanked, he had not the shade ofit, but with emulation; he fought like a furious tiger, turningten times round his adversary, and changing his ground and hisguard twenty times. Jussac was, as was then said, a fine blade,and had had much practice; nevertheless it required all his skillto defend himself against an adversary who, active and energetic,departed every instant from received rules, attacking him on allsides at once, and yet parrying like a man who had the greatestrespect for his own epidermis.
2.  His interlocutor, whose head appeared through the carriagewindow, was a woman of from twenty to two-and-twenty years. Wehave already observed with what rapidity D'Artagnan seized theexpression of a countenance. He perceived then, at a glance,that this woman was young and beautiful; and her style of beautystruck him more forcibly from its being totally different fromthat of the southern countries in which D'Artagnan had hithertoresided. She was pale and fair, with long curls falling inprofusion over her shoulders, had large, blue, languishing eyes,rosy lips, and hands of alabaster. She was talking with greatanimation with the stranger.
3.  D'Artagnan did not budge.
4.  Milady fell down, and seemed to be in a swoon.
5.  "I can relate to you, day by day, your actions from yourentrance to the service of the cardinal to this evening."A smile of incredulity passed over the pale lips of Milady."Listen! It was you who cut off the two diamond studs fromthe shoulder of the Duke of Buckingham; it was you had theMadame Bonacieux carried off; it was you who, in love withDe Wardes and thinking to pass the night with him, openedthe door to Monsieur d'Artagnan; it was you who, believingthat De Wardes had deceived you, wished to have him killedby his rival; it was you who, when this rival had discoveredyour infamous secret, wished to have him killed in his turnby two assassins, whom you sent in pursuit of him; it wasyou who, finding the balls had missed their mark, sentpoisoned wine with a forged letter, to make your victimbelieve that the wine came from his friends. In short, itwas you who have but now in this chamber, seated in thischair I now fill, made an engagement with Cardinal Richelieuto cause the Duke of Buckingham to be assassinated, inexchange for the promise he has made you to allow you toassassinate D'Artagnan."
6.  "Listen," replied Felton, in a low voice. "I have just sent awaythe sentinel that I might remain here without anybody knowing it,in order to speak to you without being overheard. The baron hasjust related a frightful story to me."


1.  Athos set the lackeys to work first because, since these men had been inthe service of himself and his friends he had discovered in each of themdifferent and essential qualities. Then, lackeys who ask questionsinspire less mistrust than masters, and meet with more sympathy amongthose to whom they address themselves. Besides, Milady knew themasters, and did not know the lackeys; on the contrary, the lackeys knewMilady perfectly.
2.  Milady, being well prepared for the reception of Felton, was ableto erect her batteries for the next day. She knew she had onlytwo days left; that when once the order was signed by Buckingham--and Buckingham would sign it the more readily from its bearing afalse name, and he could not, therefore, recognize the woman inquestion--once this order was signed, we say, the baron wouldmake her embark immediately, and she knew very well that womencondemned to exile employ arms much less powerful in theirseductions than the pretendedly virtuous woman whose beauty islighted by the sun of the world, whose style the voice of fashionlauds, and whom a halo of aristocracy gilds with enchantingsplendors. To be a woman condemned to a painful and disgracefulpunishment is no impediment to beauty, but it is an obstacle tothe recovery of power. Like all persons of real genius, Miladyknew what suited her nature and her means. Poverty was repugnantto her; degradation took away two-thirds of her greatness.Milady was only a queen while among queens. The pleasure ofsatisfied pride was necessary to her domination. To commandinferior beings was rather a humiliation than a pleasure for her.She should certainly return from her exile--she did not doubtthat a single instant; but how long might this exile last? Foran active, ambitious nature, like that of Milady, days not spentin climbing are inauspicious days. What word, then, can be foundto describe the days which they occupy in descending? To lose ayear, two years, three years, is to talk of an eternity; toreturn after the death or disgrace of the cardinal, perhaps; toreturn when D'Artagnan and his friends, happy and triumphant,should have received from the queen the reward they had wellacquired by the services they had rendered her--these weredevouring ideas that a woman like Milady could not endure. Forthe rest, the storm which raged within her doubled her strength,and she would have burst the walls of her prison if her body hadbeen able to take for a single instant the proportions of hermind.
3.  "Can we have destroyed them all, from the first to thelast?" said Athos.
4.  "The cardinal pursues not only crimes," said she: "there are certainvirtues which he pursues more severely than certain offenses.""Permit me, madame, to express my surprise," said the abbess."At what?" said Milady, with the utmost ingenuousness."At the language you use."
5.  "He has come!" thought Milady.
6.  "Are you quite sure of it?"


1.  "Yes. If Monsieur Aramis hesitates to come," he said, "tellhim I am from Tours."
2.  "Who has?"
3.  "We will keep a sharp lookout for them; and if we lay hands onthem his Eminence may be assured they will be reconducted toParis under a good escort."
4.  "We must use, and not abuse," said Aramis, sententiously."I always said that D'Artagnan had the longest head of the four,"said Athos, who, having uttered his opinion, to which D'Artagnanreplied with a bow, immediately resumed his accustomed silence."But come, what is this about?" asked Porthos.
5.   "Which route must I take?" demanded D'Artagnan, in his turn."That of Rouen; but you will leave the city on your right. Youmust stop at the little village of Eccuis, in which there is butone tavern--the Shield of France. Don't condemn it fromappearances; you will find a horse in the stables quite as goodas this."
6.  "Just so," replied Aramis.


1.  "Well, but," said Aramis, "have you not learned by theletter you found on the wretched corpse that she is in aconvent? One may be very comfortable in a convent; and assoon as the siege of La Rochelle is terminated, I promiseyou on my part--"
2.  "We are safe on that side," said Buckingham, turning towardD'Artagnan. "If the studs are not yet gone to Paris, they willnot arrive till after you."
3.  "Go up," said the host; "she is still in her chamber."Athos availed himself of the permission, ascended the stairswith his lightest step, gained the landing, and through theopen door perceived Milady putting on her hat.
4、  The attendant confirmed to the cardinal what the twoMusketeers had already said with respect to Athos. Thecardinal made an approving gesture, and retraced his routewith the same precautions he had used incoming.
5、  "A RONDEAU!" said the curate, mechanically.




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      "Oh," said Milady, raising herself, "I defy you to find any tribunalwhich pronounced that infamous sentence against me. I defy you to findhim who executed it."

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      A black point floated on the sea. That was the sloop. While theboat was advancing with all the speed its four rowers could giveit, Felton untied the cord and then the handkerchief which boundMilady's hands together. When her hands were loosed he took somesea water and sprinkled it over her face.

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       "Have you no friends in Paris, then, Monsieur Porthos?" said theprocurator's wife.

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      "What horses?" asked Athos.

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    {  Felton remained standing, motionless and undecided."He still doubts," thought Milady; "I have not been earnestenough."

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      "You have my word, monsieur, and here is my sword.""This suits me the better," said Rochefort, "as I wish to continue myjourney."}

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      "Ay,!" said he, "I see; but you shall not kill me today. Youhave no longer a weapon; and besides, I am on my guard. You hadbegun to pervert my poor Felton. He was yielding to yourinfernal influence; but I will save him. He will never see youagain; all is over. Get your clothes together. Tomorrow youwill go. I had fixed the embarkation for the twenty-fourth; butI have reflected that the more promptly the affair takes placethe more sure it will be. Tomorrow, by twelve o'clock, I shallhave the order for your exile, signed, BUCKINGHAM. If youspeak a single word to anyone before going aboard ship, mysergeant will blow your brains out. He has orders to do so. Ifwhen on the ship you speak a single word to anyone before thecaptain permits you, the captain will have you thrown into thesea. That is agreed upon.

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      As soon as this organization was established, they set aboutdriving the English from the Isle.

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       "But who are those others? I warn you that I will never againwork in the dark, and that I will know not only to what I exposemyself, but for whom I expose myself."

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    {  "Has anyone brought a letter for me?" asked D'Artagnan, eagerly."No one has BROUGHT a letter, monsieur," replied Planchet; "butone has come of itself."

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      "Go out this way," said she, opening a small private door,"and come back at eleven o'clock; we will then terminatethis conversation. Kitty will conduct you to my chamber."The poor girl almost fainted at hearing these words."Well, mademoiselle, what are you thinking about, standingthere like a statue? Do as I bid you: show the chevalierout; and this evening at eleven o'clock--you have heard whatI said."