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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Do not dig any more," said the voice; "only tell me howhigh up is your excavation?"
2.  "From where we stood I could see in the middle of the lake alarge blank mass; it was the kiosk to which we were going.This kiosk appeared to me to be at a considerable distance,perhaps on account of the darkness of the night, whichprevented any object from being more than partiallydiscerned. We stepped into the boat. I remember well thatthe oars made no noise whatever in striking the water, andwhen I leaned over to ascertain the cause I saw that theywere muffled with the sashes of our Palikares.* Besides therowers, the boat contained only the women, my father,mother, Selim, and myself. The Palikares had remained on theshore of the lake, ready to cover our retreat; they werekneeling on the lowest of the marble steps, and in thatmanner intended making a rampart of the three others, incase of pursuit. Our bark flew before the wind. `Why doesthe boat go so fast?' asked I of my mother.
3.  In the centre of the cell, in a circle traced with afragment of plaster detached from the wall, sat a man whosetattered garments scarcely covered him. He was drawing inthis circle geometrical lines, and seemed as much absorbedin his problem as Archimedes was when the soldier ofMarcellus slew him.
4.  "What has he done to you?"
5.  Ten leagues were passed and not a single word was uttered.
6.  "To leave behind you the diamond you have on your finger. Weshall both get into trouble. You will ruin both yourself andme by your folly."


1.  "Very little, at least; I know of none which Cavalcantipossesses, excepting his palace in Lucca."
2.  After Mercedes had left Monte Cristo, he fell into profoundgloom. Around him and within him the flight of thoughtseemed to have stopped; his energetic mind slumbered, as thebody does after extreme fatigue. "What?" said he to himself,while the lamp and the wax lights were nearly burnt out, andthe servants were waiting impatiently in the anteroom;"what? this edifice which I have been so long preparing,which I have reared with so much care and toil, is to becrushed by a single touch, a word, a breath! Yes, this self,of whom I thought so much, of whom I was so proud, who hadappeared so worthless in the dungeons of the Chateau d'If,and whom I had succeeded in making so great, will be but alump of clay to-morrow. Alas, it is not the death of thebody I regret; for is not the destruction of the vitalprinciple, the repose to which everything is tending, towhich every unhappy being aspires, -- is not this the reposeof matter after which I so long sighed, and which I wasseeking to attain by the painful process of starvation whenFaria appeared in my dungeon? What is death for me? One stepfarther into rest, -- two, perhaps, into silence.
3.  "Everything is possible in this affair, even a miracle."
4.  "Pistols, then, at eight o'clock, in the Bois de Vincennes,"said Beauchamp, quite disconcerted, not knowing if he wasdealing with an arrogant braggadocio or a supernaturalbeing.
5.  "Which means that my Count of Monte Cristo is one of thosefishermen. He has even a name taken from the book, since hecalls himself Sinbad the Sailor, and has a cave filled withgold."
6.  When Franz appeared again on the shore, the yacht onlyseemed like a small white speck on the horizon. He lookedagain through his glass, but even then he could notdistinguish anything. Gaetano reminded him that he had comefor the purpose of shooting goats, which he had utterlyforgotten. He took his fowling-piece, and began to hunt overthe island with the air of a man who is fulfilling a duty,rather than enjoying a pleasure; and at the end of a quarterof an hour he had killed a goat and two kids. These animals,though wild and agile as chamois, were too much likedomestic goats, and Franz could not consider them as game.Moreover, other ideas, much more enthralling, occupied hismind. Since, the evening before, he had really been the heroof one of the tales of the "Thousand and One Nights," and hewas irresistibly attracted towards the grotto. Then, inspite of the failure of his first search, he began a second,after having told Gaetano to roast one of the two kids. Thesecond visit was a long one, and when he returned the kidwas roasted and the repast ready. Franz was sitting on thespot where he was on the previous evening when hismysterious host had invited him to supper; and he saw thelittle yacht, now like a sea-gull on the wave, continuingher flight towards Corsica. "Why," he remarked to Gaetano,"you told me that Signor Sinbad was going to Malaga, whileit seems he is in the direction of Porto-Vecchio."


1.  "Hush," said Andrea. They passed the barrier withoutaccident. At the first cross street Andrea stopped hishorse, and Caderousse leaped out.
2.  "With the Count of Morcerf," answered Monte Cristo. "Hetells me he served your illustrious father, and that he oweshis fortune to him."
3.  Chapter 110The Indictment.
4.  "I do not understand you," said Debray with freezingcoldness.
5.   "For the dead man, yes," replied M. de Boville, "but not forthe survivor; on the contrary, this Dantes saw a means ofaccelerating his escape. He, no doubt, thought thatprisoners who died in the Chateau d'If were interred in anordinary burial-ground, and he conveyed the dead man intohis own cell, took his place in the sack in which they hadsewed up the corpse, and awaited the moment of interment."
6.  "Let us first send for two soldiers," said the governor."The prisoners sometimes, through mere uneasiness of life,and in order to be sentenced to death, commit acts ofuseless violence, and you might fall a victim."


1.  "I think so."
2.  "No; for I saw God's justice placed in the hands ofBenedetto, and should have thought it sacrilege to opposethe designs of providence."
3.  "Your crime?"
4、  "Sometimes," said he, "in my voyages, when I was a man andcommanded other men, I have seen the heavens overcast, thesea rage and foam, the storm arise, and, like a monstrousbird, beating the two horizons with its wings. Then I feltthat my vessel was a vain refuge, that trembled and shookbefore the tempest. Soon the fury of the waves and the sightof the sharp rocks announced the approach of death, anddeath then terrified me, and I used all my skill andintelligence as a man and a sailor to struggle against thewrath of God. But I did so because I was happy, because Ihad not courted death, because to be cast upon a bed ofrocks and seaweed seemed terrible, because I was unwillingthat I, a creature made for the service of God, should servefor food to the gulls and ravens. But now it is different; Ihave lost all that bound me to life, death smiles andinvites me to repose; I die after my own manner, I dieexhausted and broken-spirited, as I fall asleep when I havepaced three thousand times round my cell."
5、  "No, excellency; and never shall I forget it," returnedPeppino, with an accent of profound gratitude.




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      "Speak out then, say what it was!"

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      "What is this?"

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       It was noon, and Monte Cristo had set apart one hour to bepassed in the apartments of Haidee, as though his oppressedspirit could not all at once admit the feeling of pure andunmixed joy, but required a gradual succession of calm andgentle emotions to prepare his mind to receive full andperfect happiness, in the same manner as ordinary naturesdemand to be inured by degrees to the reception of strong orviolent sensations. The young Greek, as we have alreadysaid, occupied apartments wholly unconnected with those ofthe count. The rooms had been fitted up in strict accordancewith Oriental ideas; the floors were covered with therichest carpets Turkey could produce; the walls hung withbrocaded silk of the most magnificent designs and texture;while around each chamber luxurious divans were placed, withpiles of soft and yielding cushions, that needed only to bearranged at the pleasure or convenience of such as soughtrepose. Haidee and three French maids, and one who was aGreek. The first three remained constantly in a smallwaiting-room, ready to obey the summons of a small goldenbell, or to receive the orders of the Romaic slave, who knewjust enough French to be able to transmit her mistress'swishes to the three other waiting-women; the latter hadreceived most peremptory instructions from Monte Cristo totreat Haidee with all the deference they would observe to aqueen.

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      "Ah, no, madame, that could not be. Dead bodies are not kepta year; they are shown to a magistrate, and the evidence istaken. Now, nothing of the kind has happened."

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    {  Chapter 71Bread and Salt.

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      "No," replied Noirtier eagerly.}

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      "Then the guilty person is absolutely in custody?" said themarquise.

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      "His wife!" said Caderousse; "why, how fast you go on,father Dantes; she is not his wife yet, as it seems to me."

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       "Thank you, my dear Beauchamp, thank you for the excellentfeeling which prompts your advice; but it cannot be. I havetold you my wish, or rather my determination. You understandthat, interested as I am in this affair, I cannot see it inthe same light as you do. What appears to you to emanatefrom a celestial source, seems to me to proceed from one farless pure. Providence appears to me to have no share in thisaffair; and happily so, for instead of the invisible,impalpable agent of celestial rewards and punishments, Ishall find one both palpable and visible, on whom I shallrevenge myself, I assure you, for all I have suffered duringthe last month. Now, I repeat, Beauchamp, I wish to returnto human and material existence, and if you are still thefriend you profess to be, help me to discover the hand thatstruck the blow."

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    {  "He is a musician."

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      "But the strangest part of the story is," resumed the abbe,"that Dantes, even in his dying moments, swore by hiscrucified Redeemer, that he was utterly ignorant of thecause of his detention."