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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  D'Artagnan was astounded by the terrible confidence of Athos; yetmany things appeared very obscure to him in this half revelation.In the first place it had been made by a man quite drunk to onewho was half drunk; and yet, in spite of the incertainty whichthe vapor of three or four bottles of Burgundy carries with it tothe brain, D'Artagnan, when awaking on the following morning, hadall the words of Athos as present to his memory as if they thenfell from his mouth--they had been so impressed upon his mind.All this doubt only gave rise to a more lively desire of arrivingat a certainty, and he went into his friend's chamber with afixed determination of renewing the conversation of the precedingevening; but he found Athos quite himself again--that is to say,the most shrewd and impenetrable of men. Besides which, theMusketeer, after having exchanged a hearty shake of the hand withhim, broached the matter first.
2.  "But listen to me, then," resumed Aramis with politeness mingledwith a little impatience. "I do not say I regret; no, I willnever pronounce that sentence, which would not be orthodox."The Jesuit raised his hands toward heaven, and the curate did thesame.
3.  "I choose that which the red-headed boy is leading.""It is yours!"
4.  "That's well," said he to Planchet, when the latter added theportmanteau to the equipment. "Now saddle the other threehorses."
5.  "Then," said D'Artagnan, "let us give the money to thelackeys, as Lord de Winter desired us to do."
6.  The two Musketeers with whom we have already made acquaintance,and who answered to the last of these three names, immediatelyquitted the group of which they had formed a part, and advancedtoward the cabinet, the door of which closed after them as soonas they had entered. Their appearance, although it was not quiteat ease, excited by its carelessness, at once full of dignity andsubmission, the admiration of D'Artagnan, who beheld in these twomen demigods, and in their leader an Olympian Jupiter, armed withall his thunders.


1.  "A small vessel with an English crew, whose captain is on myside, awaits you at the mouth of Charente, at fort of thePoint. He will set sail tomorrow morning."
2.  "This is fine!" said Porthos to himself; "I am prettilycaught!"
3.  "That is it," replied the cardinal, dryly.
4.  "That is right," replied the mendicant; "dismiss your lackey."In fact, Bazin, curious to know what the mendicant couldwant with his master, kept pace with him as well as hecould, and arrived almost at the same time he did; but hisquickness was not of much use to him. At the hint from themendicant his master made him a sign to retire, and he wasobliged to obey.
5.  As D'Artagnan was tolerably reassured with regard to Porthos, andas he was anxious to obtain news of his two other friends, heheld out his hand to the wounded man, and told him he was aboutto resume his route in order to continue his researches. For therest, as he reckoned upon returning by the same route in seven oreight days, if Porthos were still at the Great St. Martin, hewould call for him on his way.
6.  "In the first place," said Milady, "it is possible I may be deceived,and that D'Artagnan and his friends may really come to your assistance.""Oh, that would be too much!" cried Mme. Bonacieux, "so much happinessis not in store for me!"


1.  "You mean to say that he deceives me; you mean to say that hebetrays me? You accuse him, then? Come, speak; avow freely thatyou accuse him!"
2.  "What, without chastising this insolent boy?" asked the lady.The stranger was about to reply; but at the moment he opened hismouth, D'Artagnan, who had heard all, precipitated himself overthe threshold of the door.
3.  In the morning Milady, under the pretext that she had not sleptwell in the night and wanted rest, sent away the woman whoattended her.
4.  "Nothing would be more easy," said the captain of a vessel readyto set sail, "but this morning came an order to let no one leavewithout express permission from the cardinal."
5.   "When?"
6.  "Yes, I know it," said the soldier.


1.  "Pardon me," said he, smiling, "pardon me my dear compatriot, butI had wholly forgotten you. But what help is there for it! Acaptain is nothing but a father of a family, charged with even agreater responsibility than the father of an ordinary family.Soldiers are big children; but as I maintain that the orders ofthe king, and more particularly the orders of the cardinal,should be executed--"
2.  "My Lord, they shall be yours."
3.  "Ah, PARDIEU! My dear dame," said D'Artagnan, springing from hishorse, and throwing the bridle to Planchet, "you restore me tolife; where is this dear Aramis? Let me embrace him, I am in ahurry to see him again."
4、  "And you know who I am, without doubt?"
5、  "See, my Lord," said he, in a deep, gloomy tone, "here is a womanwho was under my guard, and who has killed herself!""Be at ease, Felton," said Lord de Winter. "She is not dead;demons do not die so easily. Be tranquil, and go wait for me inmy chamber."




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      "The lady had a cavalier shut up with her," said Athos, "butas notwithstanding the noise, this cavalier did not showhimself, it is to be presumed that he is a coward.""Judge not rashly, says the Gospel," replied the cardinal.Athos bowed.

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      "I take back the ring, after it has passed through the handsof that infamous creature Never; that ring is defiled,D'Artagnan.

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       Mounted on an excellent horse, which he was to leave at theend of twenty leagues in order to take the post, Planchetset off at a gallop, his spirits a little depressed by thetriple promise made him by the Musketeers, but otherwise aslight-hearted as possible.

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      The baron took the young officer by the arm, and turned his headover his shoulder, so as not to lose sight of Milady till he wasgone out.

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    {  "And I reply to you, sir, that this abuse of power, this exileunder a fictitious name, are infamous!"

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      "No; for perhaps they were too high-placed for anyone todare look for them where they were. The Palace of Justicewould not be burned down for everybody, monseigneur.""You think, then, that the fire at the Palace of Justice wasnot caused by chance?" asked Richelieu, in the tone withwhich he would have put a question of no importance."I, monseigneur?" replied Milady. "I think nothing; I quotea fact, that is all. Only I say that if I were named Madamede Montpensier, or the Queen Marie de Medicis, I should useless precautions than I take, being simply called MiladyClarik."}

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      "Ma-madame!" cried he; "is that you? How is your husband, ourdear Monsieur Coquenard? Is he still as stingy as ever? Wherecan my eyes have been not to have seen you during the two hoursof the sermon?"

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      But, it is well known, what strikes the capricious mind of thepoet is not always what affects the mass of readers. Now, whileadmiring, as others doubtless will admire, the details we have torelate, our main preoccupation concerned a matter to which no onebefore ourselves had given a thought.

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       "My faith!" replied D'Artagnan, recognizing Athos, who, after thedressing performed by the doctor, was returning to his ownapartment. "I did not do it intentionally, and not doing itintentionally, I said 'Excuse me.' It appears to me that this isquite enough. I repeat to you, however, and this time on my wordof honor--I think perhaps too often--that I am in haste, greathaste. Leave your hold, then, I beg of you, and let me go wheremy business calls me."

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    {  Anne of Austria was then twenty-six or twenty-seven years of age;that is to say, she was in the full splendor of her beauty.Her carriage was that of a queen or a goddess; her eyes, whichcast the brilliancy of emeralds, were perfectly beautiful, andyet were at the same time full of sweetness and majesty.Her mouth was small and rosy; and although her underlip, likethat of all princes of the House of Austria, protruded slightlybeyond the other, it was eminently lovely in its smile, but asprofoundly disdainful in its contempt.

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      "Rue de la Harpe. No. 75."