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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Unconsciously her idle hands were beginning to weary.
2.  "You talk as though I had persuaded you," answered Carrie. "Youstand there and throw up what you've done. I don't want your oldthings. I'll not have them. You take them to-night and do whatyou please with them. I'll not stay here another minute."
3.  "Well," he said at five o'clock, "we might as well count thechange and divide."
4.  "Looks quite an affair, doesn't it?"
5.  "He could go along," said Carrie.
6.  "I'd tackle him now," volunteered the youth. "He may go 'way."


1.  As Carrie looked out upon the flying scenery she almost forgotthat she had been tricked into this long journey against her willand that she was without the necessary apparel for travelling.She quite forgot Hurstwood's presence at times, and looked awayto homely farmhouses and cosey cottages in villages withwondering eyes. It was an interesting world to her. Her lifehad just begun. She did not feel herself defeated at all.Neither was she blasted in hope. The great city held much.Possibly she would come out of bondage into freedom--who knows?Perhaps she would be happy. These thoughts raised her above thelevel of erring. She was saved in that she was hopeful.
2.  Drouet was just finishing a little incident he was relating, andhis face was expanding into a smile, when Hurstwood's eye caughthis own. The latter had come in with several friends, and,seeing Drouet and some woman, not Carrie, drew his ownconclusion.
3.  Curiously this idea soon took hold of Hurstwood. His vanishingsum suggested that he would need sustenance. Why could notCarrie assist him a little until he could get something?
4.  "Certainly not," she returned. "I wouldn't worry over it."
5.  "Now, you must do your best to please me," he said encouragingly."Just remember that I want you to succeed. We will make theperformance worth while. You do that now."
6.  "Can you give me something to do?" said Carrie.


1.  "To Ogden Place," he said sharply. "I'll give you a dollar moreif you make good time."
2.  "No," he said, with a sort of pride; "you keep it."
3.  To be sure there was always the next station, where one mightdescend and return. There was the great city, bound more closelyby these very trains which came up daily. Columbia City was notso very far away, even once she was in Chicago. What, pray, is afew hours--a few hundred miles? She looked at the little slipbearing her sister's address and wondered. She gazed at thegreen landscape, now passing in swift review, until her swifterthoughts replaced its impression with vague conjectures of whatChicago might be.
4.  In the bedroom, off the front room, was Carrie's trunk, bought byDrouet, and in the wardrobe built into the wall quite an array ofclothing--more than she had ever possessed before, and of verybecoming designs. There was a third room for possible use as akitchen, where Drouet had Carrie establish a little portable gasstove for the preparation of small lunches, oysters, Welshrarebits, and the like, of which he was exceedingly fond; and,lastly, a bath. The whole place was cosey, in that it waslighted by gas and heated by furnace registers, possessing also asmall grate, set with an asbestos back, a method of cheerfulwarming which was then first coming into use. By her industryand natural love of order, which now developed, the placemaintained an air pleasing in the extreme.
5.   "Well," said the foreman, scratching his ear meditatively, "we doneed a stitcher. We like experienced help, though. We've hardlygot time to break people in." He paused and looked away out ofthe window. "We might, though, put you at finishing," heconcluded reflectively.
6.  He called a cab and was driven through the dreary rain to theNorth Side. On the way his temper cooled as he thought of thedetails of the case. What did she know? What had she done? Maybeshe'd got hold of Carrie, who knows--or--or Drouet. Perhaps shereally had evidence, and was prepared to fell him as a man doesanother from secret ambush. She was shrewd. Why should shetaunt him this way unless she had good grounds?


1.  Hurstwood saw the difficulty of this thing, and yet it did notseem so terrible. Carrie was tired and dispirited, but now shecould rest. Viewing the world from his rocking-chair, itsbitterness did not seem to approach so rapidly. To-morrow wasanother day.
2.  "Yes," he rejoined.
3.  "Hello," remarked one of the stout-wristed sole-workers to her atnoon. "You're a daisy." He really expected to hear the common"Aw! go chase yourself!" in return, and was sufficiently abashed,by Carrie's silently moving away, to retreat, awkwardly grinning.
4、  Carrie looked at him in amazement, and then summoned sufficientthought to reply: "Why, I don't know you," backing away as shedid so.
5、  "Yes, indeed," said the manager.




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      "All right," she replied, but he could see that she was thinkingthat it was a curious thing. Before he went she asked him a fewmore questions, and that irritated him. He began to feel thatshe was a disagreeable attachment.

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      Then he studied the possibilities of the game as it had beenplayed, and began to figure how he might have won, in severalinstances, by bluffing a little harder.

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       "Louder," put in the director, finding it almost impossible tokeep his hands off.

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      He stirred again and went on to another subject. At last he feltas if his good-humour must find some outlet. Julia was probablystill out of humour over that affair of this morning, but thatcould easily be straightened. As a matter of fact, she was inthe wrong, but he didn't care. She could go to Waukesha rightaway if she wanted to. The sooner the better. He would tell herthat as soon as he got a chance, and the whole thing would blowover.

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    {  The train clacked through the yards along the lake front, and ranrather slowly to Twenty-fourth Street. Brakes and signals werevisible without. The engine gave short calls with its whistle,and frequently the bell rang. Several brakemen came through,bearing lanterns. They were locking the vestibules and puttingthe cars in order for a long run.

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      "I know," said Carrie, "but maybe I can't get anything else."}

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      "Put that girl at the head of the white column," he suggested tothe man in charge of the ballet.

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      Miss Osborne took it for granted that, like herself, Carrie'stime was her own. She invariably asked her to stay, proposinglittle outings and other things of that sort until Carrie beganneglecting her dinner hours. Hurstwood noticed it, but felt inno position to quarrel with her. Several times she came so lateas scarcely to have an hour in which to patch up a meal and startfor the theatre.

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       "Ah, you scab, you!" yelled the crowd. "You coward! Steal aman's job, will you? Rob the poor, will you, you thief? We'll getyou yet, now. Wait."

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    {  "If I could only get something to do," she said.

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      Accordingly, he was carted away.