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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Aramis continued, "And yet, while I do belong to the earth, Iwish to speak of you-of our friends."
2.  "But who is SHE?"
3.  At this word APOLOGIES, a cloud passed over the brow of Athos, ahaughty smile curled the lip of Porthos, and a negative sign wasthe reply of Aramis.
4.  The moment the hand of Bonacieux sounded on the door, the twoyoung people felt their hearts bound within them."There is nobody within," said Bonacieux.
5.  "Neither is it my intention, monsieur, for this time I was seeking you;in the name of the king, I arrest you."
6.  "Dunce," cried Milady, "dunce! who dares to answer for anotherman, when the wisest, when those most after God's own heart,hesitate to answer for themselves, and who ranges himself on theside of the strongest and the most fortunate, to crush theweakest and the most unfortunate."


1.  Athos had dropped some words which proved that the conversationshe had with the cardinal had fallen into outside ears; but shecould not suppose that he had dug a countermine so promptly andso boldly. She rather feared that her preceding operations inEngland might have been discovered. Buckingham might haveguessed that it was she who had cut off the two studs, and avengehimself for that little treachery; but Buckingham was incapableof going to any excess against a woman, particularly if thatwoman was supposed to have acted from a feeling of jealousy.This supposition appeared to her most reasonable. It seemed toher that they wanted to revenge the past, and not to anticipatethe future. At all events, she congratulated herself upon havingfallen into the hands of her brother-in-law, with whom shereckoned she could deal very easily, rather than into the handsof an acknowledged and intelligent enemy.
2.  "Ah!" cried he, on perceiving D'Artagnan, "ah! this isfrightful! You pretend to pardon me, and you poison me!""I!" cried D'Artagnan. "I, wretch? What do you say?""I say that it was you who gave me the wine; I say that itwas you who desired me to drink it. I say you wished toavenge yourself on me, and I say that it is horrible!""Do not think so, Brisemont," said D'Artagnan; "do not thinkso. I swear to you, I protest--"
3.  "By knocking at his door. Go."
4.  "At one o'clock, then, behind the Luxembourg."
5.  "When once in the Bastille, there is no afterward!" said thecardinal, in a low voice. "Ah, pardieu!" continued he, "ifit were as easy for me to get rid of my enemy as it is easyto get rid of yours, and if it were against such people yourequire impunity--"
6.  "My faith, monsieur, he was in such trouble that I doubt ifhe can have retained a very clear recollection of me.""Well, go and talk with the boy," said D'Artagnan, "and makeout if you can from his conversation whether his master isdead."


1.  "I do not know whether I ought to tell you what I suspect.""Monsieur, I beg you to observe that I ask you absolutelynothing. It is you who have come to me. It is you who have toldme that you had a secret to confide in me. Act, then, as youthink proper; there is still time to withdraw."
2.  "Her lover."
3.  "You came through Meung, where something befell you. Idon't very well know what, but still something."
4.  "My brother met some emissaries of the cardinal in the uniform ofMusketeers. You would have been summoned to the gate; you would havebelieved yourself about to meet friends; you would have been abducted,and conducted back to Paris."
5.   "Awaken me! Do you think I ever sleep, then? I sleep no longer,monsieur. I sometimes dream, that's all. Come, then, as earlyas you like--at seven o'clock; but beware, if you and yourMusketeers are guilty."
6.  "Yes, monseigneur," said D'Artagnan.


1.  "They say that Monsieur de Buckingham is in France," repliedAramis, with a significant smile which gave to this sentence,apparently so simple, a tolerably scandalous meaning."Aramis, my good friend, this time you are wrong," interruptedPorthos. "Your wit is always leading you beyond bounds; ifMonsieur de Treville heard you, you would repent of speakingthus."
2.  "Vitray," said he, "you will go with all speed to London. Youmust not stop an instant on the way. You will deliver thisletter to Milady. Here is an order for two hundred pistoles;call upon my treasurer and get the money. You shall have as muchagain if you are back within six days, and have executed yourcommission well."
3.  "Fortunately," said D'Artagnan, "all this will be onlynecessary till after tomorrow evening, for when once withthe army, we shall have, I hope, only men to dread.""In the meantime," said Athos, "I renounce my plan ofseclusion, and wherever you go, I will go with you. Youmust return to the Rue des Fossoyeurs; I will accompanyyou."
4、  "Yes; you said you had an idea," said Athos.
5、  "A hundred."




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      "This is my story, then. Besides, the Scriptures say, 'Confessyourselves to one another,' and I confess to you, D'Artagnan.""And I give you absolution beforehand. You see I am a good sortof a man."

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      "How can it be otherwise, my dear Bonacieux?" replied D'Artagnan;"trust me, I am fully grateful for such unparalleled conduct, andif, as I told you, I can be of any service to you--""I believe you, monsieur, I believe you; and as I was about tosay, by the word of Bonacieux, I have confidence in you.""Finish, then, what you were about to say."

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       "She worries me everywhere," said D'Artagnan.

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      The conversation naturally fell upon the incarceration of thepoor man. M. Bonacieux, who was ignorant that D'Artagnan hadoverheard his conversation with the stranger of Meung, related tohis young tenant the persecutions of that monster, M. deLaffemas, whom he never ceased to designate, during his account,by the title of the "cardinal's executioner," and expatiated atgreat length upon the Bastille, the bolts, the wickets, thedungeons, the gratings, the instruments of torture.D'Artagnan listened to him with exemplary complaisance, and whenhe had finished said, "And Madame Bonacieux, do you know whocarried her off?--For I do not forget that I owe to thatunpleasant circumstance the good fortune of having made youracquaintance."

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    {  "Certainly."

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      "You are a brave young man," said Buckingham, holding out hishand to D'Artagnan, who pressed it respectfully. "You offer meyour services; with the same frankness I accept them. Follow usat a distance of twenty paces, as far as the Louvre, and ifanyone watches us, slay him!"}

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      "Yes; you look there for your outfit, I think you said.""Not at all. I have acquired certain knowledge that thatwoman was concerned in the abduction of Madame Bonacieux.""Yes, I understand now: to find one woman, you courtanother. It is the longest road, but certainly the mostamusing."

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      "On the other bank," replied the executioner.

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       "I am grateful to you for the sacrifice," said Aramis; "but ifyour body be not greatly benefited by it, be assured your soulwill."

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    {  "Yes, monsieur, the handsomest in the inn--a chamber that I couldhave let ten times over."

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      "A charming woman!" said Athos, sipping a glass of sparklingwine. "Villainous host!" cried he, "he has given us Anjouwine instead of champagne, and fancies we know no better!Yes," continued he, "a charming woman, who entertained kindviews toward our friend D'Artagnan, who, on his part, hasgiven her some offense for which she tried to revengeherself a month ago by having him killed by two musketshots, a week ago by trying to poison him, and yesterday bydemanding his head of the cardinal."