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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Carrie had thought of going for a walk, and had put on a lightgrey woollen dress with a jaunty double-breasted jacket. She hadout her hat and gloves, and was fastening a white lace tie abouther throat when the housemaid brought up the information that Mr.Hurstwood wished to see her.
2.  The following morning the train pulled safely into Montreal andthey stepped down, Hurstwood glad to be out of danger, Carriewondering at the novel atmosphere of the northern city. Longbefore, Hurstwood had been here, and now he remembered the nameof the hotel at which he had stopped. As they came out of themain entrance of the depot he heard it called anew by a busman.
3.  Outside in the gloom they stood, while the leader parleyedwithin. Then doors swung open and they were invited in with a"Steady, now."
4.  In the drive of the wind and sleet they pushed in on one another.There were wrists, unprotected by coat or pocket, which were redwith cold. There were ears, half covered by every conceivablesemblance of a hat, which still looked stiff and bitten. In thesnow they shifted, now one foot, now another, almost rocking inunison.
5.  "I wisht I was in Sing Sing."
6.  "You'd like to see Michigan Avenue. There are such fine houses.It is such a fine street."


1.  She was beginning to see now that he knew something. Instantlyshe drew herself into a more reserved position. Her cheeksblanched slightly.
2.  "I never did, either," said Carrie merrily, her face flushed withdelight.
3.  By his tact he made Drouet feel that he admired his choice.There was something in his manner that showed that he was pleasedto be there. Drouet felt really closer to him than ever before.It gave him more respect for Carrie. Her appearance came into anew light, under Hurstwood's appreciation. The situation livenedconsiderably.
4.  Mrs. Hurstwood, on the contrary, had decided not to lose heradvantage by inaction. Now that she had practically cowed him,she would follow up her work with demands, the acknowledgment ofwhich would make her word LAW in the future. He would have topay her the money which she would now regularly demand or therewould be trouble. It did not matter what he did. She really didnot care whether he came home any more or not. The householdwould move along much more pleasantly without him, and she coulddo as she wished without consulting any one. Now she proposed toconsult a lawyer and hire a detective. She would find out atonce just what advantages she could gain.
5.  "They say this show is going on the road next month."
6.  Carrie did not exactly fancy the suggestion, but the novelty ofthe situation, the presence of strangers, all more or lessnervous, and the desire to do anything rather than make afailure, made her timid. She walked in imitation of her mentoras requested, inwardly feeling that there was something strangelylacking.


1.  "I see," said the man.
2.  "Sure you can. Now you go ahead and see."
3.  He shoved the last few remaining things he had laid out into hisvalise and snapped it with a vengeance. Then he grabbed hiscoat, which he had laid off to work, picked up his gloves, andstarted out.
4.  "Did you? How did you come out with that La Crosse man you weretelling me about?"
5.   "Oh, that much?" said Carrie. "Is this right?" she asked,turning to Hurstwood.
6.  He bestirred himself about some other details and Carrie rockedon.


1.  "I wonder," he said, as he rode away in his cab, "how Drouet cameto win her."
2.  This getting-something proposition complicated itself the momenthe began to think of what it was he wanted to do. Manage aplace? Where should he get such a position? The papers containedno requests for managers. Such positions, he knew well enough,were either secured by long years of service or were bought witha half or third interest. Into a place important enough to needsuch a manager he had not money enough to buy.
3.  "The foreman 'll fix that if you ask him, I guess. He did me."
4、  "Hello," he exclaimed, "you've been crying."
5、  "Well, why don't you?" asked Carrie.




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      "It isn't as much as you ought to get," said the latter,"especially when you've got to buy clothes."

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      When the conductor had gone again Hurstwood felt relieved.

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       "Oh," said Carrie.

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      "I didn't marry you," he said, in a snarling tone.

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    {  "Oh, now, Miss Madenda," pleaded the youth.

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      This pleased Hurstwood immensely. He gave Drouet no credit forany feelings toward Carrie whatever. He envied him, and now, ashe looked at the well-dressed jolly salesman, whom he so muchliked, the gleam of the rival glowed in his eye. He began to"size up" Drouet from the standpoints of wit and fascination. Hebegan to look to see where he was weak. There was no disputingthat, whatever he might think of him as a good fellow, he felt acertain amount of contempt for him as a lover. He could hoodwinkhim all right. Why, if he would just let Carrie see one suchlittle incident as that of Thursday, it would settle the matter.He ran on in thought, almost exulting, the while he laughed andchatted, and Drouet felt nothing. He had no power of analysingthe glance and the atmosphere of a man like Hurstwood. He stoodand smiled and accepted the invitation while his friend examinedhim with the eye of a hawk.}

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      He was turning on her a glance of the companionable andpersuasive manner.

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      He puzzled as he thought of these things, then pushed in thedrawers and closed the door, pausing with his hand upon the knob,which might so easily lock it all beyond temptation. Still hepaused. Finally he went to the windows and pulled down thecurtains. Then he tried the door, which he had previouslylocked. What was this thing, making him suspicious? Why did hewish to move about so quietly. He came back to the end of thecounter as if to rest his arm and think. Then he went andunlocked his little office door and turned on the light. He alsoopened his desk, sitting down before it, only to think strangethoughts.

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       Hopelessly he turned back into Broadway again and slopped onwardand away, begging, crying, losing track of his thoughts, oneafter another, as a mind decayed and disjointed is wont to do.

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    {  As the two went down the street, she glanced interestedly out ofthe window. It was a most satisfactory spectacle indeed, mostsatisfactory.

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      Carrie heard this with genuine sorrow. She had enjoyed Mrs.Vance's companionship so much. There was no one else in thehouse whom she knew. Again she would be all alone.