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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "It is true, nevertheless."
2.  "However, be that as it may, the young man made a tunnel,how or by what means no one knows; but he made it, and thereis the evidence yet remaining of his work. Do you see it?"and the man held the torch to the wall.
3.  During the perusal of this letter, which informed Valentinefor the first time of the madness of her father and thedeath of her brother, she became pale, a heavy sigh escapedfrom her bosom, and tears, not the less painful because theywere silent, ran down her cheeks; her happiness cost hervery dear. Morrel looked around uneasily. "But," he said,"the count's generosity is too overwhelming; Valentine willbe satisfied with my humble fortune. Where is the count,friend? Lead me to him." Jacopo pointed towards the horizon."What do you mean?" asked Valentine. "Where is the count? --where is Haidee?"
4.  "Poverty" --
5.  Chapter 104Danglars Signature.
6.  "With pleasure."


1.  "Enormous ones," answered Beauchamp. "Although in reality aLiberal, he negotiated a loan of six millions for CharlesX., in 1829, who made him a baron and chevalier of theLegion of Honor; so that he wears the ribbon, not, as youwould think, in his waistcoat-pocket, but at hisbutton-hole."
2.  "And he will be guillotined, will be not?" said Caderousse."Promise me that, and I will die with that hope."
3.  "Unhappy father," said Monte Cristo. The count continued: --
4.  The first person to attract the attention of Dantes, as helanded on the Canebiere, was one of the crew belonging tothe Pharaon. Edmond welcomed the meeting with this fellow --who had been one of his own sailors -- as a sure means oftesting the extent of the change which time had worked inhis own appearance. Going straight towards him, hepropounded a variety of questions on different subjects,carefully watching the man's countenance as he did so; butnot a word or look implied that he had the slightest idea ofever having seen before the person with whom he was thenconversing. Giving the sailor a piece of money in return forhis civility, Dantes proceeded onwards; but ere he had gonemany steps he heard the man loudly calling him to stop.Dantes instantly turned to meet him. "I beg your pardon,sir," said the honest fellow, in almost breathless haste,"but I believe you made a mistake; you intended to give me atwo-franc piece, and see, you gave me a double Napoleon."
5.  Caderousse raised his glass to his mouth with unsteady hand,and swallowed the contents at a gulp. Fernand dashed his onthe ground.
6.  "Yes, I have seen him," he replied, "and he has handed thisletter to me. Light the candles in my apartment, if youplease." The inn-keeper gave orders to a servant to gobefore Franz with a light. The young man had found SignorPastrini looking very much alarmed, and this had only madehim the more anxious to read Albert's letter; and so he wentinstantly towards the waxlight, and unfolded it. It waswritten and signed by Albert. Franz read it twice before hecould comprehend what it contained. It was thus worded: --


1.  "What you find in your trunks."
2.  "My father howled aloud, plunged his fingers into the holeswhich the balls had made, and tore up one of the planksentire. But immediately through this opening twenty moreshots were fired, and the flame, rushing up like fire fromthe crater of a volcano, soon reached the tapestry, which itquickly devoured. In the midst of all this frightful tumultand these terrific cries, two reports, fearfully distinct,followed by two shrieks more heartrending than all, froze mewith terror. These two shots had mortally wounded my father,and it was he who had given utterance to these frightfulcries. However, he remained standing, clinging to a window.My mother tried to force the door, that she might go and diewith him, but it was fastened on the inside. All around himwere lying the Palikares, writhing in convulsive agonies,while two or three who were only slightly wounded weretrying to escape by springing from the windows. At thiscrisis the whole flooring suddenly gave way. my father fellon one knee, and at the same moment twenty hands were thrustforth, armed with sabres, pistols, and poniards -- twentyblows were instantaneously directed against one man, and myfather disappeared in a whirlwind of fire and smoke kindledby these demons, and which seemed like hell itself openingbeneath his feet. I felt myself fall to the ground, mymother had fainted."
3.  "Pen, ink, and paper," muttered Fernand.
4.  "He hopes so, Maximilian." The young man's head fell on hisbreast.
5.   "You are most kind; but as regards myself, I can find nomerit I possess, save that, as a millionaire, I might havebecome a partner in the speculations of M. Aguado and M.Rothschild; but as my motive in travelling to your capitalwould not have been for the pleasure of dabbling in stocks,I stayed away till some favorable chance should presentitself of carrying my wish into execution. Your offer,however, smooths all difficulties, and I have only to askyou, my dear M. de Morcerf" (these words were accompanied bya most peculiar smile), "whether you undertake, upon myarrival in France, to open to me the doors of thatfashionable world of which I know no more than a Huron or anative of Cochin-China?"
6.  "`Then,' remarked the president, `the Count of Monte Cristoknows nothing of your present proceedings?' -- `He is quiteunaware of them, and I have but one fear, which is that heshould disapprove of what I have done. But it is a gloriousday for me,' continued the young girl, raising her ardentgaze to heaven, `that on which I find at last an opportunityof avenging my father!'


1.  "Well, baron, what is there difficult to understand aboutthat?"
2.  "Then your excellency is going" --
3.  "Ah, mercy -- mercy!" cried Caderousse. The count withdrewhis foot. "Rise!" said he. Caderousse rose.
4、  The curtain rose, as usual, to an almost empty house, itbeing one of the absurdities of Parisian fashion never toappear at the opera until after the beginning of theperformance, so that the first act is generally playedwithout the slightest attention being paid to it, that partof the audience already assembled being too much occupied inobserving the fresh arrivals, while nothing is heard but thenoise of opening and shutting doors, and the buzz ofconversation. "Surely," said Albert, as the door of a box onthe first circle opened, "that must be the Countess G----."
5、  "No matter," replied De Boville, in supreme good-humor atthe certainty of recovering his two hundred thousand francs,-- "no matter, I can fancy it." And he shouted withlaughter.




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      Dantes had been flung into the sea, and was dragged into itsdepths by a thirty-six pound shot tied to his feet. The seais the cemetery of the Chateau d'If.

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      "There are, at least, few that I have not seen," said thecount coldly.

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       We have seen how quietly Mademoiselle Danglars andMademoiselle d'Armilly accomplished their transformation andflight; the fact being that every one was too much occupiedin his or her own affairs to think of theirs. We will leavethe banker contemplating the enormous magnitude of his debtbefore the phantom of bankruptcy, and follow the baroness,who after being momentarily crushed under the weight of theblow which had struck her, had gone to seek her usualadviser, Lucien Debray. The baroness had looked forward tothis marriage as a means of ridding her of a guardianshipwhich, over a girl of Eugenie's character, could not fail tobe rather a troublesome undertaking; for in the tacitrelations which maintain the bond of family union, themother, to maintain her ascendancy over her daughter, mustnever fail to be a model of wisdom and a type of perfection.

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      "Brutal politics, I must confess." said Maximilian; "butdon't attach any serious importance, dear, to what yourfather said. My father was not a bit behind yours in thatsort of talk. `Why,' said he, `does not the emperor, who hasdevised so many clever and efficient modes of improving theart of war, organize a regiment of lawyers, judges and legalpractitioners, sending them in the hottest fire the enemycould maintain, and using them to save better men?' You see,my dear, that for picturesque expression and generosity ofspirit there is not much to choose between the language ofeither party. But what did M. Danglars say to this outburston the part of the procureur?"

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    {  "Yes; but you have a wretchedly small garden."

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      "In what way?"

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      "Three hundred francs?"

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       An inveterate Bonapartist; took an active part in the returnfrom the Island of Elba.

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    {  "But consider the matter seriously, Eugenie!"

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      "So much the better for the dogs," said Monte Cristo.