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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Faust. Mephistopheles
2.  As if his frame love wasted.
3.  Tokay
4.  Spirit of contradiction! Lead! I'll follow straight! 'Twas wisely done, however,to repair On May - night to the Brocken, and when there By our own choiceourselves to isolate!
5.  Frosch
6.  I would not lead you willingly astray, But as regards this science, you will findSo hard it is to shun the erring way, And so much hidden poison lies therein,Which scarce can you discern from medicine. Here too it is the best, to listenbut to one, And by the master's words to swear alone. To sum up all - Towords hold fast! Then the safe gate securely pass'd, You'll reach the fane ofcertainty at last.


1.  Hound! Execrable monster! - Back with him, oh thou infinite spirit! back withthe reptile into his dog's shape, in which it was his wont to scamper before meat eventide, to roll before the feet of the harmless wanderer, and to fasten onhis shoulders when he fell! Change him again into his favourite shape, that hemay crouch on his belly before me in the dust, whilst I spurn him with my foot,the reprobate! - Not the first! - Woe! Woe! By no human soul is itconceivable, that more than one human creature has ever sunk into a depth ofwretchedness like this, or that the first in her writhing death agony should nothave atoned in the sight of all - pardoning Heaven for the guilt of all the rest!The misery of this one pierces me to the very marrow, and harrows up mysoul; thou art grinning calmly over the doom of thousands!Mephistopheles
2.  Fortress with turrets And walls high in air, Damsel disdainful, Haughty andfair, There be my prey! Bold is the venture, Costly the pay!Hark how the trumpet Thither doth call us, Where either pleasure Or deathmay befall us. Hail to the tumult! Life's in the field! Damsel and fortress To usmust yield.
3.  Margaret
4.  As many as you will.
5.  He ran around, he ran abroad, Of every puddle drinking. The house with ragehe scratch'd and gnaw'd, In vain, - he fast was sinking; Full many an anguish'dbound he gave, Nothing the hapless brute could save, As if his frame lovewasted.
6.  Forbear! When passion sways me, and I seek to frame Fir utterance forfeeling, deep, intense, And for my frenzy finding no fit name, Sweep round theample world with every sense, Grasp at the loftiest words to speak my flame,And call the glow, wherewith I burn, Quenchless, eternal, yea, eterne Is thatof sophistry a devilish play?


1.  Quick, bring a light!
2.  Mephistopheles
3.  No, this new Burgomaster, I like him not, God knows, Now, he's in office,daily more arrogant he grows; And for the town, what doth he do for it? Arenot things worse from day to day? To more restraints we must submit; Andtaxes more than ever pay.
4.  If you have nothing better to suggest, Against you plan I must at once protest.Mephistopheles
5.   Flowing Wines - Visionary Scenes
6.  All had gone swimmingly, no doubt, Had he but given you at home, On hisside, just as wide a range. Upon such terms, to you I swear, Myself with youwould gladly rings exchange!


1.  Faust
2.  Faust
3.  Captur'd there within is one! Stay without and follow none! Like a fox in ironsnare, Hell's old lynx is quaking there,
4、  Well, he hath paid the forfeit, and is dead. Now were I in your place, mycounsel hear; My weeds I'd wear for one chaste year, And for another lovermeanwhile would look out.
5、  Kathrina say, Why lingering stay At dawn of day Before your lover's door?Maiden, beware, Nor enter there, Lest forth you fare, A maiden never more.Maiden take heed! Reck well my rede! Is't done, the deed? Good night, youpoor, poor thing! The spoiler's lies, His arts despise, Nor yield your prize,Without the marriage ring!




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      Characters in the Prologue for the Theatre

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       How fares it with your heart?

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      That you are master here is obvious quite; To do your will, I'll cordially essay;Only reflect! The hill is magic - mad to - night; And if to show the path youchoose a meteor's light, You must not wonder should we go astray.Faust, Mephistopheles, Ignis Fatuus (in alternate song)Through the dream and magic - sphere, As it seems, we now are speeding;Honour win, us rightly leading, That betimes we may appear In yon wide anddesert region!

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    {  Ah! you mistake!

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      In misery! despairing! long wandering pitifully on the face of the earth andnow imprisoned! This gentle hapless creature, immured in the dungeon as amalefactor and reserved for horrid tortures! That it should come to this! Tothis! - Perfidious, worthless spirit, and this thou hast concealed from me!Stand! ay, stand! roll in malicious rage thy fiendish eyes! Stand and brave mewith thine insupportable presence! Imprisoned! In hopeless misery! Deliveredover to the power of evil spirits and the judgment of unpitying humanity! Andme, the while, thou wert lulling with tasteless dissipations, concealing from meher growing anguish, and leaving her to perish without help!Mephistopheles

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      Faust (as above)

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    {  Wouldst hide thee? sin and shame Remain not hidden! Air! light! Woe's thee!Chorus

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      Ay, neighbour! So let matters stand for me! There they may scatter oneanother's brains, And wild confusion round them see So here at home in quietall remains! Old Woman (to the Burghers' Daughters) Heyday! How smart!The fresh young blood! Who would not fall in love with you? Not quite soproud! 'Tis well and good! And what you wish, that I could help you to.Burgher's Daughter