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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "But on my part," said Milady, "how should I repay such aservice? I know these lovers. They are men who do nothingfor nothing."
2.  But it must be acknowledged, this response was butmomentary. An envoy of the Duke of Buckingham, namedMontague, was taken, and proof was obtained of a leaguebetween the German Empire, Spain, England, and Lorraine.This league was directed against France.
3.  At three o'clock came two companies of the Guards, one French,the other Swiss. The company of French guards was composed ofhalf of M. Duhallier's men and half of M. Dessessart's men.At six in the evening the guests began to come. As fast as theyentered, they were placed in the grand saloon, on the platformsprepared for them.
4.  "Some of that at the bottom, near the laths. There are twenty-five bottles of it left; all the rest were broken by my fall.Bring six of them."
5.  It was useless to try to keep pace on foot with a carriagedrawn by two powerful horses. D'Artagnan therefore returnedto the Rue Ferou.
6.  "A small vessel with an English crew, whose captain is on myside, awaits you at the mouth of Charente, at fort of thePoint. He will set sail tomorrow morning."


1.  "Shall you have the courage?" said Athos.
2.  "I," said Felton, "I do not fear him, nor will I spare him."The soul of Milady was bathed in an infernal joy."But how can Lord de Winter, my protector, my father," askedFelton, "possibly be mixed up with all this?"
3.  And Athos went out of the Parpaillot, followed byD'Artagnan. Aramis came behind, giving his arm to Porthos.Aramis mumbled verses to himself, and Porthos from time totime pulled a hair or two from his mustache, in sign ofdespair.
4.  "I am in a fever," said she; "I have not slept a single instantduring all this long night. I suffer horribly. Are you likelyto be more humane to me than others were yesterday? All I ask ispermission to remain abed."
5.  Milady became as pale as the sheets in which she was lying, and mistressas she was of herself, could not help uttering a cry, seizing the handof the novice, and devouring her with looks.
6.  "Of certain expenses he has contracted."


1.  At length a fresh discharge was heard, and this time theballs came rattling among the stones around the fourfriends, and whistling sharply in their ears. TheRochellais had at last taken possession of the bastion."These Rochellais are bungling fellows," said Athos; "howmany have we killed of them--a dozen?"
2.  "Dead!" repeated the cardinal, who could not believe what he heard,"dead! Did you not say she was dead?"
3.  Sometimes when the cardinal, always on horseback, like the lowestGENDARME of the army, cast a pensive glance over those works, soslowly keeping pace with his wishes, which the engineers, broughtfrom all the corners of France, were executing under his orders,if he met a Musketeer of the company of Treville, he drew nearand looked at him in a peculiar manner, and not recognizing inhim one of our four companions, he turned his penetrating lookand profound thoughts in another direction.
4.  "You? When were you here?"
5.   "You speak very much at your ease, madame," said Bonacieux, hurtat the little interest his wife showed in him. "Do you know thatI was plunged during a day and night in a dungeon of theBastille?"
6.  "Yes."


1.  "Well," said Porthos, "what do you want, and why do you notlet us listen to the end of the conversation?"
2.  "Reload the muskets, Grimaud," said Athos, "and we,gentlemen, will go on with our breakfast, and resume ourconversation. Where were we?"
3.  "Come, then, come, then!" cried Milady, trying to drag the young womanalong by the arm. "Thanks to the garden, we yet can flee; I have thekey, but make haste! in five minutes it will be too late!"Mme. Bonacieux tried to walk, made two steps, and sank upon her knees.Milady tried to raise and carry her, but could not do it.At this moment they heard the rolling of the carriage, which at theapproach of the Musketeers set off at a gallop. Then three or fourshots were fired.
4、  "Then the diamond is safe?" said he, timidly.
5、  The four young men, standing and motionless, followed him withtheir eyes without speaking a single word until he haddisappeared. Then they looked at one another.




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      D'Artagnan opened it, and as the day was beginning to decline, heapproached the window to read it. The citizen followed him."'Do not seek your wife,'" read D'Artagnan; "'she will berestored to you when there is no longer occasion for her. If youmake a single step to find her you are lost.'

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      "I hope so, monsieur."

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       "I passed the day and the night in prayer, for I hoped that Godwould pardon me my suicide.

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      "Madame," replied Bonacieux, "your august mistress is aperfidious Spaniard, and what the cardinal does is well done.""Monsieur," said the young woman, "I know you to be cowardly,avaricious, and foolish, but I never till now believed youinfamous!"

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    {  Athos raised his eyes and his finger toward heaven.Grimaud put his basket on the ground and sat down with ashake of the head.

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      "That of the patrol going their rounds."}

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      At that moment Patrick entered the room, crying, "A letter from France,my Lord."

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      "And she is not to be despised, in my opinion."

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       The knocker had scarcely sounded under the hand of the young manbefore the tumult ceased, steps approached, the door was opened,and D'Artagnan, sword in hand, rushed into the rooms of M.Bonacieux, the door of which doubtless acted upon by a spring,closed after him.

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    {  "Where did he lodge?"

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      "Poor dear girl! But what can I do with you? I am goingaway the day after tomorrow."