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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You are right," said the countess, "and my fears areweakness, especially when directed against a man who hassaved your life. How did your father receive him, Albert? Itis necessary that we should be more than complaisant to thecount. M. de Morcerf is sometimes occupied, his businessmakes him reflective, and he might, without intending it" --
2.  "I dare not positively assert it, as he has been lost for solong a time."
3.  "Fernand," cried Mercedes, "I believed you weregood-hearted, and I was mistaken! Fernand, you are wicked tocall to your aid jealousy and the anger of God! Yes, I willnot deny it, I do await, and I do love him of whom youspeak; and, if he does not return, instead of accusing himof the inconstancy which you insinuate, I will tell you thathe died loving me and me only." The young girl made agesture of rage. "I understand you, Fernand; you would berevenged on him because I do not love you; you would crossyour Catalan knife with his dirk. What end would thatanswer? To lose you my friendship if he were conquered, andsee that friendship changed into hate if you were victor.Believe me, to seek a quarrel with a man is a bad method ofpleasing the woman who loves that man. No, Fernand, you willnot thus give way to evil thoughts. Unable to have me foryour wife, you will content yourself with having me for yourfriend and sister; and besides," she added, her eyestroubled and moistened with tears, "wait, wait, Fernand; yousaid just now that the sea was treacherous, and he has beengone four months, and during these four months there havebeen some terrible storms."
4.  Then she went to the fireplace and lit the fire, andalthough she had just left her bed, she could not resist thetemptation offered by Valentine's sleep, so she threwherself into an arm-chair to snatch a little more rest. Theclock striking eight awoke her. Astonished at the prolongedslumber of the patient, and frightened to see that the armwas still hanging out of the bed, she advanced towardsValentine, and for the first time noticed the white lips.She tried to replace the arm, but it moved with a frightfulrigidity which could not deceive a sick-nurse. She screamedaloud; then running to the door exclaimed, -- "Help, help!"
5.  "Die? oh, no," he exclaimed -- "not die now, after havinglived and suffered so long and so much! Die? yes, had I diedyears ago; but now to die would be, indeed, to give way tothe sarcasm of destiny. No, I want to live; I shall struggleto the very last; I will yet win back the happiness of whichI have been deprived. Before I die I must not forget that Ihave my executioners to punish, and perhaps, too, who knows,some friends to reward. Yet they will forget me here, and Ishall die in my dungeon like Faria." As he said this, hebecame silent and gazed straight before him like oneoverwhelmed with a strange and amazing thought. Suddenly hearose, lifted his hand to his brow as if his brain woregiddy, paced twice or thrice round the dungeon, and thenpaused abruptly by the bed.
6.  "Thank you, my dear Beauchamp, thank you for the excellentfeeling which prompts your advice; but it cannot be. I havetold you my wish, or rather my determination. You understandthat, interested as I am in this affair, I cannot see it inthe same light as you do. What appears to you to emanatefrom a celestial source, seems to me to proceed from one farless pure. Providence appears to me to have no share in thisaffair; and happily so, for instead of the invisible,impalpable agent of celestial rewards and punishments, Ishall find one both palpable and visible, on whom I shallrevenge myself, I assure you, for all I have suffered duringthe last month. Now, I repeat, Beauchamp, I wish to returnto human and material existence, and if you are still thefriend you profess to be, help me to discover the hand thatstruck the blow."


1.  "I do not know him, viscount."
2.  And as he spoke these words with a hoarse, choking voice, hestaggered towards the door, which was mechanically opened bya door-keeper. The whole assembly were dumb withastonishment at the revelation and confession which hadproduced a catastrophe so different from that which had beenexpected during the last fortnight by the Parisian world.
3.  "Stay -- he left a letter for me."
4.  "What," cried all the guests, "you have not eaten for fourand twenty hours?"
5.  "All my fortune is in the funds; seven or eight hundredthousand francs."
6.  "Here it is," said he.


1.  "Then," said Morrel, "I understand it all, and this scenewas premeditated."
2.  "After the execution?" cried Franz.
3.  "Yes, I!"
4.  "Gaspard!" cried La Carconte, "do as you will; you aremaster -- but if you take my advice you'll hold yourtongue."
5.   "If you ask him he says Sinbad the Sailor; but I doubt if itbe his real name."
6.  "He said `very good,'" muttered the major, "then -- sir" --replied he.


1.  "Oh!" murmured Valentine.
2.  "My dear M. de Villefort," replied the doctor, "my firstduty is to humanity. I would have saved Madame deSaint-Meran, if science could have done it; but she is deadand my duty regards the living. Let us bury this terriblesecret in the deepest recesses of our hearts; I am willing,if any one should suspect this, that my silence on thesubject should be imputed to my ignorance. Meanwhile, sir,watch always -- watch carefully, for perhaps the evil maynot stop here. And when you have found the culprit, if youfind him, I will say to you, `You are a magistrate, do asyou will!'"
3.  "Sire, I went straight to the Duc de Blacas."
4、  "To ask for an engagement at the Opera. Really, I never sawsuch an infatuation for music; it is quite ridiculous for ayoung lady of fashion." Debray smiled. "Well," said he, "lether come, with your consent and that of the baron, and wewill try and give her an engagement, though we are very poorto pay such talent as hers."
5、  "What?" said Morrel, "you dead?"




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      "It is true, nevertheless."

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      "Has the Corsican ogre broken loose?" cried a third.

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       "Very well, sir," said Monte Cristo. "Now all that issettled, do let me see the performance, and tell your friendAlbert not to come any more this evening; he will hurthimself with all his ill-chosen barbarisms: let him go homeand go to sleep." Beauchamp left the box, perfectly amazed."Now," said Monte Cristo, turning towards Morrel, "I maydepend upon you, may I not?"

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      "Go, then, into the drawing-room, my young friend, where youwill find your father awaiting you." Andrea made a low bowto the count, and entered the adjoining room. Monte Cristowatched him till he disappeared, and then touched a springin a panel made to look like a picture, which, in slidingpartly from the frame, discovered to view a small opening,so cleverly contrived that it revealed all that was passingin the drawing-room now occupied by Cavalcanti and Andrea.The young man closed the door behind him, and advancedtowards the major, who had risen when he heard stepsapproaching him. "Ah, my dear father!" said Andrea in a loudvoice, in order that the count might hear him in the nextroom, "is it really you?"

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    {  "Yes; I will accompany you."

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      "We shall see," said the inspector; then, turning to thegovernor, "On my word, the poor devil touches me. You mustshow me the proofs against him."}

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      "How much do you suppose he possesses?"

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      "Monsieur," returned Villefort, "I was then a royalist,because I believed the Bourbons not only the heirs to thethrone, but the chosen of the nation. The miraculous returnof Napoleon has conquered me, the legitimate monarch is hewho is loved by his people."

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       "Humph," said Morcerf, "this is the second time you haverefused to dine with my mother; it is evident that you wishto avoid her." Monte Cristo started. "Oh, you do not meanthat," said he; "besides, here comes the confirmation of myassertion." Baptistin entered, and remained standing at thedoor. "I had no previous knowledge of your visit, had I?"

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    {  "The weakness of a murderer!"

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      "I will not irritate him," thought Edmond, and taking thepaper, of which half was wanting, -- having been burnt, nodoubt, by some accident, -- he read: --