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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "What precaution?"
2.  "Yes, I will tell you all; but take away the young man; Icannot endure his presence."
3.  "It is true, then," he said, rather uttering his thoughtsaloud than addressing his companion, -- "it is true, then,that all our actions leave their traces -- some sad, othersbright -- on our paths; it is true that every step in ourlives is like the course of an insect on the sands; -- itleaves its track! Alas, to many the path is traced bytears."
4.  Chapter 49Haidee.
5.  "And -- do -- you -- like -- him?"
6.  "Make yourself quite easy on that point," answeredVillefort, with one of his sweetest smiles; "you and I willalways consult upon our verdicts."


1.  "I -- drunk!" said Caderousse; "well that's a good one! Icould drink four more such bottles; they are no bigger thancologne flasks. Pere Pamphile, more wine!" and Caderousserattled his glass upon the table.
2.  "Yes."
3.  "As for me, you must know I cannot possibly live out ofLucca; therefore I shall return to Italy as soon as I can."
4.  "About your own height, sir."
5.  "Yes, to go and meet him."
6.  Franz read these last words in a voice so choked that theywere hardly audible, and then stopped, passing his hand overhis eyes as if to dispel a cloud; but after a moment'ssilence, he continued: --


1.  "I do -- most decidedly."
2.  "I confess it," replied Albert. "Could you have been socruel as not to bring her?"
3.  "Of the middle height -- about the same stature as hisexcellency," returned the host, pointing to Albert.
4.  "Well, madame?" unhesitatingly repeated Debray.
5.   "You do not understand," continued the inspector; "I am senthere by government to visit the prison, and hear therequests of the prisoners."
6.  "The celebrated Cucumetto, pursued in the Abruzzo, drivenout of the kingdom of Naples, where he had carried on aregular war, had crossed the Garigliano, like Manfred, andhad taken refuge on the banks of the Amasine between Sonninoand Juperno. He strove to collect a band of followers, andfollowed the footsteps of Decesaris and Gasperone, whom hehoped to surpass. Many young men of Palestrina, Frascati,and Pampinara had disappeared. Their disappearance at firstcaused much disquietude; but it was soon known that they hadjoined Cucumetto. After some time Cucumetto became theobject of universal attention; the most extraordinary traitsof ferocious daring and brutality were related of him. Oneday he carried off a young girl, the daughter of a surveyorof Frosinone. The bandit's laws are positive; a young girlbelongs first to him who carries her off, then the rest drawlots for her, and she is abandoned to their brutality untildeath relieves her sufferings. When their parents aresufficiently rich to pay a ransom, a messenger is sent tonegotiate; the prisoner is hostage for the security of themessenger; should the ransom be refused, the prisoner isirrevocably lost. The young girl's lover was in Cucumetto'stroop; his name was Carlini. When she recognized her lover,the poor girl extended her arms to him, and believed herselfsafe; but Carlini felt his heart sink, for he but too wellknew the fate that awaited her. However, as he was afavorite with Cucumetto, as he had for three yearsfaithfully served him, and as he had saved his life byshooting a dragoon who was about to cut him down, he hopedthe chief would have pity on him. He took Cucumetto oneside, while the young girl, seated at the foot of a hugepine that stood in the centre of the forest, made a veil ofher picturesque head-dress to hide her face from thelascivious gaze of the bandits. There he told the chief all-- his affection for the prisoner, their promises of mutualfidelity, and how every night, since he had been near, theyhad met in some neighboring ruins.


1.  "Why do you not seek revenge?"
2.  Mercedes let them fall, and sighed. A magnificent peach washanging against an adjoining wall, ripened by the sameartificial heat. Mercedes drew near, and plucked the fruit."Take this peach, then," she said. The count again refused."What, again?" she exclaimed, in so plaintive an accent thatit seemed to stifle a sob; "really, you pain me."
3.  Albert vented his anger on a pile of newspapers, which hesent flying all over the office by switching them violentlywith his stick; after which ebullition he departed -- not,however, without walking several times to the door of thepress-room, as if he had half a mind to enter. While Albertwas lashing the front of his carriage in the same mannerthat he had the newspapers which were the innocent agents ofhis discomfiture, as he was crossing the barrier heperceived Morrel, who was walking with a quick step and abright eye. He was passing the Chinese Baths, and appearedto have come from the direction of the Porte Saint-Martin,and to be going towards the Madeleine. "Ah," said Morcerf,"there goes a happy man!" And it so happened Albert was notmistaken in his opinion.
4、  "But he is betrothed to your daughter, I believe?"
5、  "And will you engage not to do any harm to the sentry,except as a last resort?"




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      "And you say that you are ignorant of the contents of thisletter?"

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       "Sir, you have distracted me; I shall be fined."

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      "Sir," said Villefort, striving to struggle against thistriple force and his own emotion, -- "sir, you are deceived;no one commits crimes here. I am stricken by fate. It ishorrible, indeed, but no one assassinates."

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    {  "What next? My friend, you impose a painful task on me. Mustyou know all?"

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      "But," said Franz, looking round him uneasily, "where is theViscount? -- I do not see him."}

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      "Come," thought Danglars, "it is the same old story." Andwhile he smiled as he attempted to regard the affair as ajoke, he felt his temples get moist with perspiration.

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      ...essed of ingots, gold, money,...know of the existence of this treasure, which

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       "And that father is" --

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    {  "Idiot!" muttered Danglars; "whether she kill herself ornot, what matter, provided Dantes is not captain?"

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      "Yes, certainly," interrupted Monte Cristo; "but LordWilmore did not omit to inform me, my dear M. Andrea, thatthe season of your youth was rather a stormy one. Ah," saidthe count, watching Andrea's countenance, "I do not demandany confession from you; it is precisely to avoid thatnecessity that your father was sent for from Lucca. Youshall soon see him. He is a little stiff and pompous in hismanner, and he is disfigured by his uniform; but when itbecomes known that he has been for eighteen years in theAustrian service, all that will be pardoned. We are notgenerally very severe with the Austrians. In short, you willfind your father a very presentable person, I assure you."