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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  This evening, especially, Aramis was melancholy and thoughtful.D'Artagnan asked some questions about this prolonged melancholy.Aramis pleaded as his excuse a commentary upon the eighteenthchapter of St. Augustine, which he was forced to write in Latinfor the following week, and which preoccupied him a good deal.After the two friends had been chatting a few moments, a servantfrom M. de Treville entered, bringing a sealed packet."What is that?" asked Aramis.
2.  "I fear I am committing a great imprudence."
3.  "Give me your arm, then."
4.  "What horses?" asked Athos.
5.  *The reader may ask, "How came Planchet here?" when he was left"stiff as a rush" in London. In the intervening time Buckinghamperhaps sent him to Paris, as he did the horses.
6.  D'Artagnan felt the truth of this reproach.


1.  "I will tell it," cried Milady, with a feigned exultation, "onthe day when I shall have suffered sufficiently for my faith."The look of Felton revealed to Milady the full extent of thespace she had opened for herself by this single word.The young officer, however, remained mute and motionless; hislook alone had spoken.
2.  "You are right, Planchet," said Athos; "besides, the tattoohas been sounded, and we should be observed if we kept alight burning much longer than the others."
3.  "And here is the second."
4.  "Undoubtedly."
5.  "I am sure of it."
6.  "About noon."


1.  "What?" asked his Lordship.
2.  This immediately recalled to D'Artagnan's mind the handkerchiefwhich he had found at the feet of Mme. Bonacieux, which hadreminded him of that which he had dragged from under the feet ofAramis.
3.  "The Lord of the estate on which the chapel of the curacy was situatedsaw this pretend sister, and became enamoured of her--amorous to such adegree that he proposed to marry her. Then she quitted him she hadruined for him she was destined to ruin, and became the Comtesse de laFere--"
4.  "A scar on his temple!" cried D'Artagnan; "and with that, whiteteeth, a piercing eye, dark complexion, black hair, and haughtycarriage--why, that's my man of Meung."
5.   "Without the saddle?" said Aramis.
6.  "Well, but then you will not be able to fulfill yourcommission," said D'Artagnan.


1.  The cardinal was left free to carry on the siege, withouthaving, at least at the present, anything to fear on thepart of the English.
2.  It was near midnight; the moon, lessened by its decline, and reddened bythe last traces of the storm, arose behind the little town ofArmentieres, which showed against its pale light the dark outline of itshouses, and the skeleton of its high belfry. In front of them the Lysrolled its waters like a river of molten tin; while on the other sidewas a black mass of trees, profiled on a stormy sky, invaded by largecoppery clouds which created a sort of twilight amid the night. On theleft was an old abandoned mill, with its motionless wings, from theruins of which an owl threw out its shrill, periodical, and monotonouscry. On the right and on the left of the road, which the dismalprocession pursued, appeared a few low, stunted trees, which looked likedeformed dwarfs crouching down to watch men traveling at this sinisterhour.
3.  "Silence!" said the young woman, placing her hand upon his lips;"silence, and go the same way you came!"
4、  "Except you, Athos, who never had one."
5、  The queen was in the midst of her women--Mme. de Guitaut, Mme. deSable, Mme. de Montbazon, and Mme. de Guemene. In a corner wasthe Spanish companion, Donna Estafania, who had followed her fromMadrid. Mme. Guemene was reading aloud, and everybody waslistening to her with attention with the exception of the queen,who had, on the contrary, desired this reading in order that shemight be able, while feigning to listen, to pursue the thread ofher own thoughts.




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      On the day after the morrow, by eleven o'clock, the two diamondstuds were finished, and they were so completely imitated, soperfectly alike, that Buckingham could not tell the new ones fromthe old ones, and experts in such matters would have beendeceived as he was. He immediately called D'Artagnan. "Here,"said he to him, "are the diamond studs that you came to bring;and be my witness that I have done all that human power coulddo."

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      "But where are you going?"

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       "But allow me to tell you, monsieur," continued the citizen,"that I am convinced that there is less love than politics in allthis."

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      In short, the king, impatient, as has been said, had come byforced marches, and had that moment arrived with all hishousehold and a reinforcement of ten thousand troops. HisMusketeers proceeded and followed him. D'Artagnan, placedin line with his company, saluted with an expressive gesturehis three friends, whose eyes soon discovered him, and M. deTreville, who detected him at once.

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    {  "Bring in the Monsieur d'Artagnan," said the commissary to theguards. The two guards led in Athos.

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      "That's true! And you are going to Portsmouth?"}

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      establishment, and to give himself up to those littleattentions which "the harder one is, the more they please,"as old soldiers say.

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      Upon which M. D'Artagnan the elder girded his own sword round hisson, kissed him tenderly on both cheeks, and gave him hisbenediction.

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       The one was a little billet, genteelly folded, with a prettyseal in green wax on which was impressed a dove bearing agreen branch.

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    {  "Why, you killed him! They are the spoils of victory.""I, the heir of an enemy!" said Athos; "for whom, then, doyou take me?"

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      "You have suspicions, nevertheless?"