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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "So," continued Franz, "the hero of this history is only twoand twenty?"
2.  "I think not," replied Chateau-Renaud.
3.  "Then we are once more reunited?" said Andrea.
4.  "You think, then," said he, "that I am taken to the Chateaud'If to be imprisoned there?"
5.  "But with what motive have you learned all this?" inquiredVillefort, in astonishment. Monte Cristo smiled. "Really,sir," he observed, "I see that in spite of the reputationwhich you have acquired as a superior man, you look ateverything from the material and vulgar view of society,beginning with man, and ending with man -- that is to say,in the most restricted, most narrow view which it ispossible for human understanding to embrace."
6.  "Shall I drive you back to Paris?" he asked.


1.  The porter got up as Eugenie expected, and even advancedsome steps to recognize the person who was going out, butseeing a young man striking his boot impatiently with hisriding-whip, he opened it immediately. Louise slid throughthe half-open gate like a snake, and bounded lightlyforward. Eugenie, apparently calm, although in allprobability her heart beat somewhat faster than usual, wentout in her turn. A porter was passing and they gave him theportmanteau; then the two young girls, having told him totake it to No. 36, Rue de la Victoire, walked behind thisman, whose presence comforted Louise. As for Eugenie, shewas as strong as a Judith or a Delilah. They arrived at theappointed spot. Eugenie ordered the porter to put down theportmanteau, gave him some pieces of money, and havingrapped at the shutter sent him away. The shutter whereEugenie had rapped was that of a little laundress, who hadbeen previously warned, and was not yet gone to bed. Sheopened the door.
2.  "Well, so much the better," said the supercargo; "for it isnot pleasant to think that a comrade has not done his duty."
3.  "`What was the abbe's name?' asked the indefatigablequestioner. -- `The Abbe Busoni,' said La Carconte. -- `Hewas a foreigner?' -- `An Italian, from the neighborhood ofMantua, I believe.' -- `Let me see this diamond again,'replied the jeweller; `the first time you are often mistakenas to the value of a stone.' Caderousse took from his pocketa small case of black shagreen, opened, and gave it to thejeweller. At the sight of the diamond, which was as large asa hazel-nut, La Carconte's eyes sparkled with cupidity."
4.  It was about six o'clock in the evening; an opal-coloredlight, through which an autumnal sun shed its golden rays,descended on the blue ocean. The heat of the day hadgradually decreased, and a light breeze arose, seeming likethe respiration of nature on awakening from the burningsiesta of the south. A delicious zephyr played along thecoasts of the Mediterranean, and wafted from shore to shorethe sweet perfume of plants, mingled with the fresh smell ofthe sea.
5.  "Willingly."
6.  "Half an hour will suffice to apprise them; will you go forthem yourself, or shall you send?"


1.  "Certainly," said Danglars, in the most natural tone in theworld. "Are you then pressed for this money?"
2.  "Yes."
3.  "At La Reserve! Oh, yes; I can see it all before me thismoment."
4.  "Does his action appear like that of an enemy?"
5.   "If he spoke hastily, and owns that he did so, you ought tobe satisfied."
6.  "Was I pale, Albert?"


1.  "What? you have been to sea?"
2.  "And that one thing, your lost child."
3.  "Oh, I dare not -- she forbade my sending for you; and, asyou say, I am myself agitated, feverish and out of sorts. Iwill go and take a turn in the garden to recover myself."The doctor pressed Valentine's hand, and while he visitedher grandmother, she descended the steps. We need not saywhich portion of the garden was her favorite walk. Afterremaining for a short time in the parterre surrounding thehouse, and gathering a rose to place in her waist or hair,she turned into the dark avenue which led to the bench; thenfrom the bench she went to the gate. As usual, Valentinestrolled for a short time among her flowers, but withoutgathering them. The mourning in her heart forbade herassuming this simple ornament, though she had not yet hadtime to put on the outward semblance of woe. She then turnedtowards the avenue. As she advanced she fancied she heard avoice speaking her name. She stopped astonished, then thevoice reached her ear more distinctly, and she recognized itto be that of Maximilian.
4、  "You see, Mercedes," said the young man, "here is Eastercome round again; tell me, is this the moment for awedding?"
5、  "I recognized you, some time since, as the insolent dandywho so gracefully mounted his horse in the Champs Elysees."




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      "I do not know -- I only guess it, because that sort ofthing is generally found in prisoners' cells."

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      "But Franz did come with the four thousand crowns," saidChateau-Renaud. "A man whose name is Franz d'Epinay orAlbert de Morcerf has not much difficulty in procuringthem."

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       "And will you sign the contract?"

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      "In that case," replied Franz, "as I shall raise none, youmay make arrangements when you please; I have pledged myword, and shall feel pleasure and happiness in adhering toit."

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    {  the count.

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      "Listen," whispered Villefort to Valentine, who could notconceal her joy; "if M. Noirtier wishes to communicateanything which would delay your marriage, I forbid you tounderstand him." Valentine blushed, but did not answer.Villefort, approaching Noirtier -- "Here is M. Franzd'Epinay," said he; "you requested to see him. We have allwished for this interview, and I trust it will convince youhow ill-formed are your objections to Valentine's marriage."}

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      "You cannot, at least, deny that you are very harsh judgesof each other."

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      "She was of a noble family of Fiesole, count."

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       "Shall I call him?"

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    {  "So be it," said the Englishman. "But to return to theseregisters."

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      "Now you get angry, and attack our poor agents. How will youhave them protect you? The Chamber cuts down their salariesevery day, so that now they have scarcely any. Will you beambassador, Albert? I will send you to Constantinople."