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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You remember," said he, "that some little time ago when I readyou the passage in one of Poe's sketches in which a close reasonerfollows the unspoken thoughts of his companion, you were inclined totreat the matter as a mere tour-de-force of the author. On myremarking that I was constantly in the habit of doing the same thingyou expressed incredulity."
2.  "But where, then, is Gennaro?" she asked. "He is my husband, GennaroLucca. am Emilia Lucca, and we are both from New York. Where isGennaro? He called me this moment from this window, and I ran with allmy speed."
3.  "Well, if you will be so good, Watson."
4.  "The Carlton Club will find me. But in case of emergency, there is aprivate telephone call, 'XX.31.'"
5.  "There are one or two small points which I should desire to clear upbefore I go," said he. "Your absence, Mr. Phelps, will in some waysrather assist me. Watson, when you reach London you would oblige me bydriving at once to Baker Street with our friend here, and remainingwith him until I see you again. It is fortunate that you are oldschool-fellows, as you must have much to talk over. Mr. Phelps canhave the spare bedroom to-night, and I will be with you in time forbreakfast, for there is a train which will take me into Waterloo ateight."
6.  "'It is also my custom,' said he, smiling in the most pleasantfashion until his eyes were just two little shining slits amid thewhite creases of his face, 'to advance to my young ladies half theirsalary beforehand, so that they may meet any little expenses oftheir journey and their wardrobe.'


1.  "They have but one retreat," whispered Holmes. "That is backthrough the house into Saxe-Coburg Square. I hope that you havedone what I asked you, Jones?"
2.  "But you must look at it with my eyes, Mr. Holmes. You mustrealize it from the point of view of a woman who sees all her life'sambition about to be ruined at the last moment. Is such a woman tobe blamed if she protects herself?"
3.  "I cannot tell, Mr. Holmes. There is a chalk-pit by the camp, with adeep green pool at the base of it. Perhaps in the depths of thatpool-"
4.  "I recognized in an instant that the thief must have come up thestairs from the side door. Of course I must have met him if he hadcome the other way."
5.  "What did they take?"
6.  "Did he suggest any course of action?"


1.  "It is a pity he did not write in pencil," said he, throwing themdown again with a shrug of disappointment. "As you have no doubtfrequently observed, Watson, the impression usually goes through- afact which has dissolved many a happy marriage. However, I can find notrace here. I rejoice, however, to perceive that he wrote with abroad-pointed quill pen, and I can hardly doubt that we will find someimpression upon this blotting-pad. Ah, yes, surely this is the verything!"
2.  "Well, it was the beginning of '84 when my father came to liveat Horsham, and all went as well as possible with us until theJanuary of '85. On the fourth day after the new year I heard myfather give a sharp cry of surprise as we sat together at thebreakfast-table. There he was, sitting with a newly openedenvelope in one hand and five dried orange pips in the
3.  It was a very long street of two-story brick houses, neat andprim, with whitened stone steps, and little groups of aproned womengossiping at the doors. Halfway down, Lestrade stopped and tapped at adoor, which was opened by a small servant girl. Miss Cushing wassitting in the front room, into which we were ushered. She was aplacid-faced woman, with large, gentle eyes, and grizzled hair curvingdown over her temples on each side. A worked antimacassar lay upon herlap and a basket of coloured silks stood upon a stool beside her."They are in the outhouse, those dreadful things," said she asLestrade entered. I wish that you would take them away altogether.""So I shall, Miss Cushing. I only kept them here until my friend,Mr. Holmes, should have seen them in your presence."
4.  "Well, then, do you imagine that this other one, Henry Baker,had anything to do with the matter?"
5.   "Nothing to add?"
6.  "Can you tell me where?" asked Mycroft Holmes.


1.  "Quite so. And she was afterwards seen walking into Hyde Park incompany with Flora Millar, a woman who is now in custody, and whohad already made a disturbance at Mr. Doran's house that morning.""Ah, yes. I should like a few particulars as to this young lady, andyour relations to her."
2.  "There was this dreadful man, Woodley, if you can call him anadmirer."
3.  "What happened was this: This young fellow had employed hisafternoon at the athletic grounds, where he had been practising thejump. He returned carrying his jumping shoes, which are provided, asyou are aware, with several sharp spikes. As he passed by yourwindow he saw, by means of his great height, these proofs upon yourtable, and conjectured what they were. No harm would have been donehad it not been that, as he passed your door, he perceived the keywhich had been left by the carelessness of your servant. A suddenimpulse came over him to enter, and see if they were indeed theproofs. It was not a dangerous exploit for he could always pretendthat he had simply looked in to ask a question.
4、  "Yes, I opened it. Here it is:
5、  "But Armstrong is not really a doctor in practice. He is alecturer and a consultant, but he does not care for generalpractice, which distracts him from his literary work. Why, then,does he make these long journeys, which must be exceedingly irksome tohim, and who is it that he visits?"




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      "'Nothing. There lies the inexplicable part of it. The message wasabsurd and trivial. Ah, my God, it is as I feared!'

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      "I have heard nothing of it."

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       "Then reparation is still within your power," said Sherlock Holmes."I will do anything I can. I owe this fellow no particulargood-will. He has been my ruin and my downfall.

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      "Thank you. I can eat nothing," said Phelps.

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    {  "That is not always so easy."

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      The sailor thought for a little. Then he struck his leg with hisgreat sunburned hand.}

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      "Ah! What is that?"

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      "But he must be alive, Mr. Holmes."

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       "Here was one of my fixed points secured.

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    {  "Of course you must have been surprised, but the explanation is verysimple. Mr. Harding, of Harding Brothers, said that they had soldyou their last copy, and he gave me your address."

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      "No, sir, there was no one."